Bone Cancer in Shepherd Mix

The cancerous bone growth in Boddah's leg ate away at the healthy bone, requiring an amputation.

Vet Bill: $7,717

Boddah - Mixed Breed Dog


Boddah, a 9 year old mixed breed dog, started experiencing lameness. A growth was noted on his front leg so a biopsy was done and x-rays were taken. Despite surgery and a range of treatments, what turned out to be bone cancer continued to ravage Boddah's leg. Finally, continued bone loss caused by his cancer required that Boddah's leg be amputated.

Boddah's pet parent, Paul K., shares some of his experience:

"Our dog, Boddah, is a happy guy. But, when he began to limp and started showing signs that something wasn't quite right, we quickly found ourselves thanking our lucky stars that we had purchased pet insurance a few years earlier. The investigation of Boddah's illness was a long and concerning process. The only relief came from Embrace who, aside from being incredibly easy to work with, covered 80% of everything from x-rays to biopsies, to the eventual removal of Boddah's cancerous front left leg. Thanks to Embrace, our concerns were focused where they belonged - on our dog - not on bills, or financial decisions, or on the stress of dealing with unnecessary red tape. In fact, our experience with Embrace has been 100% stress-free, and I can say with a straight face that my dog has better insurance than I do! Today, Boddah is happier than ever and is loving all of the attention that is coming with his new life as a tri-pawd. Thank you, Embrace, for the heroic work that you do!"

Boddah’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $7,717.34
Covered Charges $7,114.22
Annual Deductible $960.75
Copay $1,230.68
Total Embrace Reimbursement $4,922.79

Boddah's deductible is $500. His claims took place over 2 policy years.