Dachshund with a B-cell Neoplasm

Maggie the Dachshund fights on through her journey with cancer.

Vet Bill: $7,981



Maggie's owner noticed a small mass near Maggie's rectum that her veterinarian soon diagnosed as B-Cell neoplasm. Maggie underwent chemotherapy several times per month to treat her cancer. Maggie's treatments required visits to specialist veterinary hospitals over a period of several months. Because Embrace's coverage includes continuing care her cancer treatment continued to be covered even after her policy renewed.

Zuzu's Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount - Year 1 Amount - Year 2
Actual Vet Bill $5,920.00 $2,061.47
Covered Charges $5,920.00 $2,061.47
Annual Deductible -$500.00 -$500.00
10% Co-pay -$542.00 -$156.14
Total Embrace Reimbursement $4,878.00 $1,405.32