Boston Terrier Tries to Eat Toad

Little Guy gets bufo toxicity.

Vet Bill: $991


Little Guy joined Heather's family and from day one, he had "trouble" written all over his face as he frequently tried to make snacks out of the local wildlife. Knowing the bufo toads so prevalent in South Florida are toxic, Heather took preventative measures to keep Little Guy away from them. But that didn't stop him from pouncing on one that snuck onto their porch.

She reacted immediately and got Little Guy to drop the toad. After trying several home remedies to slow the effects, Heather took Little Guy straight to the Animal Emergency Clinic of Deerfield, Fla., but by the time they arrived, he was already seizing. The emergency vet managed to stop his seizures and proceeded to treat him for toad poisoning.

Little Guy spent the night in a heated oxygen chamber but his stomach couldn't handle all the medications and he threw up. Little did Heather know, while at a trip to the pet store the week before, Little Guy had swallowed a cat toy. This toy magically resurfaced in Little Guy's vomit, perhaps saving him from further health complications. Little Guy was deemed "OK" by the next afternoon but his emergency treatment cost Heather $991.

Little Guy’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $990.50
Covered Charges $990.50
Copay $198.10
Total Embrace Reimbursement $792.40