Great Dane with Snake Bites

In one year, Aragon the Great Dane has three encounters with snakes!

Vet Bill: $5,157

aragon-- great dane


For pet parents in many states, rattlesnake bites are a real and serious danger. One snake bite is bad enough but Aragon got three in the span of eight months.

Aragon's pet parent, Joleen S. tells us about Aragon's snake encounters:

"Things just happen...even when you've done everything right. Aragon, my one-year old Great Dane, had an appointment for rattlesnake avoidance training at noon one fateful day last summer. At approximately 10:00 a.m., he placed his big nose on a rather curious looking "stick' next to the garage. It was a baby rattlesnake! Off to the pet hospital we went. Due to our rapid response and 2 vials of anti-venom, he quickly recovered.

In the next few weeks, he completed his rattlesnake avoidance training. However, it didn't completely curb his curiosity of rattlesnakes because 5 months later (on Labor Day Weekend) he encountered another rattlesnake with a vengeance against Great Dane puppies! Another emergency trip and two more vials of anti-venom. (At this point, I'm really glad I have Embrace Pet Insurance!) Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. In California, we had warm weather late in the fall. So the snakes were still out crawling around. In early November, Aragon encountered his third angry rattlesnake. The good news is this bite only required one vial of anti-venom.

I can't thank Embrace enough for their quick response and caring attitude with our multiple emergency claims. During these very stressful situations, I was able to completely focus on getting the immediate care that my dog needed without the added stress of a very large, unanticipated vet expense. Thank you Embrace from both myself and Aragon!"

Aragon's Claim Refund

Claim DetailsAmount
Actual Vet Bill$5,157.34
Covered Charges$5,084.90
Annual Deductible$1.00
Total Embrace Reimbursement$3,267.92