Labrador Mix Hit By Car

After sneaking out of the house, Snickers was hit by a passing car.

Vet Bill: $10,380

Snickers-Labrador Mix


When Snickers, a 3 year old Labrador mix, got out of the house in late November, luck was not on his side. He headed for a busy road where a passing driver was unable to avoid hitting him. Snickers was rushed to the local animal hospital and then referred to an emergency clinic. X-rays showed bruising and air around his lungs, a fractured radius and ulna on his left hind leg, and a fractured femoral head. Snickers was admitted to the hospital and, once his lung function and breathing improved, he underwent surgery to stabilize the radius/ulna fracture.

Snickers' pet parent, Teresa G., tells his story:

"Snickers got loose one November day and, instead of heading to the woods where he goes to do his business, he headed to a busy road. A couple had spotted him and stopped to bring him to safety. Due to an oncoming car, they had to wait before capturing him. Just as the car drove by them, Snickers jumped in front of the car giving the driver no time to stop. He was transported to a local vet who stabilized him for further transport to a 24/7 staffed hospital where he was assessed until he was well enough to undergo surgery.

Snickers is recovering well -- range of motion is coming back and he is rebuilding muscle. His external fixator is coming off soon and then he can begin physical therapy."

Snickers' Claim Refund

Claim DetailsAmount
Actual Vet Bill$10,379.78
Covered Charges$10,379.78
Annual Deductible$300.00
Total Embrace Reimbursement$8,063.83