Puppy Suffers from Grape Intoxication

When no one was looking, 5-month-old Lyla swiped a bowl of grapes from the coffee table.

Vet Bill: $1,658

Lyla - Australian Labradoodle


Puppies love two things - mischief and snacking on things they shouldn't. When these two passions collided, Lyla found herself in a mess of trouble. Thankfully, her pet parent, Catherine, had protected her with Embrace Pet Insurance less than a month before.

Catherine shares Lyla's full story:

"Lyla jumped up on a coffee table and ate a bowl full of grapes that our son had accidentally left out. After the entire bowl had been eaten, he remembered reading somewhere that grapes could be toxic to dogs, so we immediately called the emergency vet in White Plains, NY. (The "event" happened around dinnertime so our regular vet was closed.) The vet in White Plains explained that grapes are, indeed, toxic and suggested that we bring in Lyla immediately for emergency treatment.

We rushed to White Plains where they gave her a shot to make her throw up the grapes. They also gave her an intravenous drip to flush the toxins out of her system. She stayed there overnight and then spent the next 2 days at our neighborhood vet for observation. Since we were able to get her to the vet very quickly, she didn't suffer any liver damage. She's doing great and is just about to celebrate her first birthday.

Embrace was absolutely wonderful... and far exceeded our expectations. We uploaded the claim forms through a user-friendly online claim procedure and received the reimbursement much faster than anticipated. I've since recommended the company to several people in our neighborhood. You guys are the best!"

Lyla’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $1,658.42
Covered Charges $1,658.42
Annual Deductible $200.00
Copay $291.68
Total Embrace Reimbursement $1,166.74