French Bulldog Bit a Toad

Vet Bill: $5,376

Maddy - French Bulldog

Kay S. and her French Bulldog, Maddy, went for a walk but when Maddy started seizuring after biting a toad, it was off to the emergency vet. Kay told Embrace about Maddy's misadventure.

"We had taken our sweet and playful Frenchie, Maddy, out on the golf course for a run-around one evening when she pounced on and bit what turned out to be a poisonous toad. She quickly went into a seizure and we flew into a cab and to the closest animal hospital, arriving just before they closed. VCA Alton Road Animal Hospital (and Dr. Rachel Johnson) were miracle workers and managed to keep her alive, staying late and transferring her to a 24-hour clinic (Knowles Animal Clinic) where she stayed for 7 days recovering. We weren't sure if she would live and then if she would have sustained brain damage. A million visits and hugs and treats later she finally came home and made a full recovery!

Embrace was wonderful, paying the claims quickly with no hassle at all, which was not a surprise as they have been stellar since the day I signed up. Customer service is a delight, payment is swift and fair, and I always recommend Embrace to fellow pet parents considering insurance. Thank you to everyone who brought our baby back to us safe and sound."

Maddy's Claim Refund

Claim DetailsAmount
Actual Vet Bill$5,376.47
Covered Charges$5,376.47
Total Embrace Reimbursement$4,301.18