Cat Swallows Ribbon

Carly, a 3 year old Domestic Shorthair, ate over 36 inches of ribbon but didn't show signs of a problem for days.

Vet Bill: $5,648



Cats love to play with string and ribbon but, if ingested, it can cause big problems. Reading Carly's story may make you think twice about letting your feline friend play with your wrapping materials.

Carly's pet parents, Donn and Diane L., tell the story:

"Secretly on October 2, 2012, being the six-toed calico diva that she is, Carly decided to eat a 36 inch long and half inch wide ribbon. The morning of October 3rd she surprised us by throwing up 18 inches of the ribbon, but seemed otherwise alright so we had no idea she had eaten 18 inches more. Two days later she began to vomit and had no interest in food.

We consulted with a vet at the VCA Hospital and they said to bring her in immediately. X-rays and ultrasound confirmed linear foreign body (ribbon) extending from just inside her stomach, through the duodenum, jejunum and the beginning of the ileum(most of the small intestine). Immediate surgery and hospitalization was required at great expense.

My first contact with Embrace was at the hospital while all the chaos of Carly's ordeal was unfolding and the person I spoke to was incredibly kind, concerned and helpful. She immediately faxed a claim form to me at the hospital and reassured me that similar claims had been covered before. The hospital sent the claim forms and itemized billing to Embrace when Carly was released. Embrace kept us informed all through the process, was incredibly caring, never questioned the claim documentation, and reimbursed the full amount entitled by the insurance policy.

Today, Carly is doing just fine and we are very grateful we have Embrace. Embrace has a wonderful staff, the best customer service and lifetime customers in us. Thanks again."

Carly’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $5,648.44
Covered Charges $5,648.44
Annual Deductible $200.00
Copay $1,089.69
Total Embrace Reimbursement $4,358.75