Hilda's Dental Dilemma

Hilda's vet discovers a broken tooth during a dental cleaning.

Vet Bill: $1,852

hilda - dachshund


A routine dental cleaning in Dallas, TX turned into a lot more when Hilda's vet discovered a broken tooth. Toys that had been given to Hilda in an effort to prevent dental problems may have actually caused them.

Hilda’s Pet Parents, David and Janette of Dallas, TX, tell the story:

"While cleaning our Miniature Dachshund's teeth under anesthesia, a routine check-up, our vet discovered Hilda had cracked a tooth. He suggested the damage occurred while she chewed on a toy we'd given her as a preventative for tartar. Our vet said that the tooth could be pulled but strongly recommended a doggie endodontist examine her for a probable root canal. Because Hilda is only three years old, she'd have a long time to live without this particular tooth that's critical to chewing. If we could save the tooth, she'd be far better off. Doxies are prone to dental problems because the long mouth and tight skin around the mouth tend to trap bacteria while making access for cleaning a little tougher.

We met the specialist our vet recommended. He confirmed the diagnosis and performed the successful surgery. Although the root canal was expensive, the fact that we had Embrace insurance allowed us to do exactly what was best for Hilda without hesitation! Poor thing, she cried a lot when coming out of anesthesia (and we did, too), but she came through with flying colors. A follow up appointment six months later confirmed all was well with the tooth. As a result of this experience, we stopped using hard chew toys. Our canine endodontist advises, "Don't give a dog anything harder to chew than what you would want to be hit in the knee with." How ironic Hilda was injured by a toy intended to prevent dental problems! Now, we add a dental rinse in her water, brush her teeth almost daily, and give her one soft dental chew each day. "

Hilda’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $1,852.13
Covered Charges $1,852.13
Annual Deductible $200.00
Copay $330.43
Total Embrace Reimbursement $1,321.70