Keeping Warm: The Best Winter Dog Beds And Blankets

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Winter is the perfect time for cozy blankets, wool socks, and warm cuddles by the fire – and our canine friends don’t want to miss out on all that coziness either.

Warm up your pup with a cozy winter dog bed and the perfect blanket. Whether you’re looking for dog blankets for winter or bedding for dogs in cold weather, there are some great options out there.

In this article, we're sorting the best recommendations not only by types of beds and blankets, but also by which would best for different dogs.

But first, we'll address a frequently-asked safety question.

Are Heated Dog Beds Safe?

While dog beds are safe most of the time, our Registered Veterinary Technicians at Embrace don't recommend them. There are occasional cases where they malfunction, or a dog is too sick or weak to get away from the heat source. Then, there's a real risk of serious burns or overheating.

Dog Beds For Large Breeds

While winter dog bedding designs and aesthetics have improved over the last decade or so, appearance alone isn’t enough. You need to make sure a dog bed will keep your dog warm and comfortable, not just look good. 

Large dog breeds will have special requirements when it comes to their beds.

For Big Dogs That Love to Burrow

Most dogs love to dig and burrow and make their “nest” even cozier, but big dogs have more troubles getting comfy. Majestic Pet’s Suede Dog Bed is over-sized and the perfect size for big dogs. Because the “bagel” walls surround all parts of your dog, he’ll also stay warm in his nest.

For Big Dogs With Joint Issues

For senior dogs or dogs with achy joints, getting down on the floor can be painful. Look for a bed that doesn’t require your dog to get so low.

Beds like the Big Barker allow a 7” height to help your dog lay down with ease. The heated pads that can be added to beds like this keep your pet warm and comfortable.

For a Large Dog That Slobbers

If your pup slobbers in their sleep, then choose a dog bed with a removable cover that is machine washable. This way, you can easily throw into the wash once a week.

Dog Beds For Small Breeds

Smaller dogs who are particularly sensitive to the cold temperatures might enjoy a cave bed, which is an enclosed bed with an opening. Often, roofed pet beds are targeted to cat families, but smaller dogs can take advantage of the roofed beds, too.

These beds tend to be warmer and help keep a dog’s body temperature up. If your dog likes to be covered up, then a Snoozer Dog Cave is a winner.

Other features to look for when choosing a winter bed for your small breed dog:

  • <h3>Fabric choice</h3>: Look for a soft, fluffy material like sherpa. This will help trap in your dog’s body heat. Avoid slicker materials as those can feel colder against your dog’s body.

  • <h3>Height</h3>: Your dog wants to snooze in his bed! Make sure it’s an appropriate size before ordering. Many small breed dog beds will feature an opening so that Fido can climb in easily.

  • <h3>A perfect place to rest paws</h3>: Look for a bed with a reinforced bolster, which will act as a pillow for sleepy heads and tired paws.

Dog Blankets

Even though dogs have a soft, shiny coat of fur, they still might benefit from the extra warmth of a blanket.

Some dogs love to sleep on top of a pile of blankets, while others prefer to be tucked under the pile of blankets.

Many dogs find that the cozier the blanket, the better. A blanket made of sherpa-material is always a canine favorite. Other materials to consider include fleece and cotton blends.

In regards to size of the blanket, there is no shortage of sizes available. Purchase smaller blankets for adding warmth to crates or travel kennels.

Consider purchasing over-sized blankets for use outside of the crate. Because dogs love to dig and burrow, many dogs find comfort by “digging” and fluffing up their blankets before they settle in for a long snooze.

With an over-sized blanket, Fido can feel like he’s burrowing a bit more. All of the extra material can double as a pillow and add to the overall comfort of the snooze.

If you’re buying a blanket for puppy’s first winter, then consider the following needs:

  • Waterproof: Waterproof is an especially good idea if you are buying a blanket for a pup in the midst of potty training. Teton Dog offers a waterproof, non-pilling, hypoallergenic, washable fleece blanket.

  • Non-pilling fabric: A puppy is going to chew, but by opting for a non-pilling fleece, at least you’ve removed one more chewable temptation from your pup.

  • Washable: While all dog blankets should be washable, this is an especially important aspect of a puppy’s blanket. Just be sure to refrain from using overly-scented dryer sheets and detergents as the scents can irritate sensitive noses.

Dogs love their beds and blankets just as much as their human family members. Whether you opt for blankets with dog-bone patterns or chic patterns like chevron, your pup is sure to enjoy the cuddles this winter.