Where do sleeping dogs lie? We found out! (Infographic)

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Sleeping Dogs

When you get ready for bed at night, is tucking your pooch in his crate part of your routine, or do you jump in bed together? We asked more than 10,000 people and the results are in.

  •  53% of pups sleep in bed with their owners, but only 25% of them sleep under the covers and 39% with their head on the pillow.

  • 20% sleep in their own bed, 53% of them with a blanket.

  • Some people (and dogs!) prefer a crate, 12%, actually. And of this crowd, 76% have a blanket in there with them.

  • You’ve heard of checking under your bed for monsters, but have you ever heard of a dog guarding it for you? 2% of dogs find that under the bed is their favorite sleeping spot!

  • 6% choose to surf the couch.

Is your dog a cuddler? 86% of owners like to cuddle with their dogs at night, but only 81% of dogs cuddle with their owners. Our condolences to the 5% of owners whose dogs won’t cuddle them. There is one thing that almost half of all dogs have in common, and that’s that 48% of them snore.

Blankets are a theme no matter where dogs sleep, and really, is there anything cuter than a dog all wrapped up in a blankie? But those with dogs who have a habit of chewing beware, a blanket to a stressed or bored dog could be an emergency waiting to happen. Unfortunately, one of Embrace’s own employees learned this when her crated Labrador ate a piece of her blanket and had to be rushed into emergency surgery. The bill topped $3,800, with Embrace reimbursing over $2,600. Keeping a close eye on pups while crated, or skipping the blanket altogether, is always advised.

Where do your dogs sleep at night?

Visual representation of the statistics provided in the blog post about where dogs sleep.