Embrace Policy Perk: VetLIVE

vetliveHave questions about your pet's health? Embrace policy holders can have them answered by a licensed U.S. veterinarian for FREE!

Embrace has partnered with VetLIVE since 2012 to offer our policy holders the piece of mind that comes with 24/7 access to reliable veterinary advice. It's simple for active Embrace policy holders to access VetLIVE's staff of on-call veterinarians via our website and 95% of questions are answered within 15 minutes.

VetLIVE is a valuable resource in many situations:

  • Possible poisoning
  • Concern about drug interactions
  • Second opinions
  • After-hours vet advice
  • Nutritional consults


Wondering what other Embrace pet parents think of the service? Here's what a few of our policy holders had to say about their VetLIVE experience:

"My experience with VetLIVE was very good. I had an issue with Daisy and was not sure whether I needed to take her to the vet or wait it out. The vet was very informative and I felt better about waiting it out. All was well and I did not need to see our vet. I am thankful for the service as it saved me money!" - Jennifer S.

"We have absolutely loved the VetLIVE service. Specifically, the short response time, ability to upload photos, access to the same vet each time. It has been really helpful to get a professional opinion before going in to emergency - provides practical advice and peace of mind so we don't feel like the high cost of going in has been wasted." - Elaine C.

"I'd say that the service was helpful and I can definitely see us using it again. For us, it's very helpful to be able to reach an expert for insight (and even peace of mind!), especially during times when our vet's office is closed." - Aliki I.

Please remember, VetLIVE is not a substitute for an examination by your veterinarian. If in doubt, please take your pet in for a visit. You must be an active policy holder AND access VetLIVE via the Ask a Vet page on our site to get this service for free. Non-policy holders can access VetLIVE, for a fee, via their website.

While you can't predict when your pet is going to get sick or injured, you can protect yourself from expensive veterinary bills. Embrace Pet Insurance gives you the freedom to do what’s best for your pet without stressing over the cost. Easily personalize your coverage to fit your budget and your pet’s needs, then visit any vet for nose-to-tail coverage. Check out what the Embrace plan covers or compare pet insurance providers to learn more.