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10 Traveling Pet Instas You’ll Want to Live Vicariously Through This Summer

By Sarah Sypniewski

These pets are living that #vacationlife.

  1. @briannamadia - Brianna and Keith and their dogs Dagwood and Bucket (full name Bucket Mouse) live out of their orange van called “Bertha” and travel around the U.S. camping, climbing, and canyoneering. Caution: you may get a sudden urge to sell everything and head out on the open road.

    @briannamadiaQuote: “I think the real victory comes when you watch your dogs approach an obstacle, pause, and turn back to you with a calm, expectant stare. ‘Okay, we’re ready.’ That’s the trust. That’s the victory.”
  2. @alisontravels - Alison and her dog, Max, live in a van she calls “Campy,” and have been traveling around the U.S. together since 2008. They camp, have desert and snow adventures, and share quiet moments together.

    Quote: “Sometimes I look at posts from couples on the road and think it would be nice to share my experiences with another human. But then I think…naaaa. Max brings so much joy and laughter to our trips… [m]ost of all, Max reminds me to stay in the moment and enjoy every bit of it, because it won’t last forever.”
  3. @gus_riggins@rubythetraildog - Ruby and her dad, Tom, rip up trails throughout the U.K. on the daily--she on foot and he on his mountain bike. It’s pretty stunning to see the sheer look of joy on both of their faces as they take on another run in all kinds of weather. Tom’s a man of few words on their Instagram account, but their videos and photos speak volumes.
  4. @gus_riggins - Yellow lab Gus lives in Idaho and loves to hike, fish, kayak, and ski. He and his folks mainly stay in state for their breathtaking, all-seasons adventures. Expect lots of mountain and meadow action, and plenty of river expeditions. Once in awhile, Gus’ canine friends join in on the journeys too! This account makes you wish the weekend would hurry up already!
  5. @catnotafruit - Mango is a rescue cat turned adventure cat who throws on a harness and leash and hits the road. Mango explores the wilderness in all weather, and sometimes brings his sister Luna along. You’re likely to find him camping, paddleboarding, or hiking. When he gets tired, he just finds the nearest pair of human shoulders or backpack to hitch a ride on!
    Quote: “Adventures are more fun with adventure cats.”
  6. @otiesadventures@otiesadventures - Otie is a formerly feral Maine Coon mix that roadtrips around Montana with his parents and flies around the country to visit grandparents. He enjoys hiking and camping, boating, horseback riding, and taking in the local wildlife from the safety of the car (once in awhile, he goes out hunting with his parents). He’ll make you want to get out there and explore!
  7. @exploration_cat - Quandry lives in Colorado with her hoomans. Her dad gave her to her mom as an engagement present (aka “proposal kitten”) in 2015. The three have since spent their days adventuring around the meowtains. She’s an expert backpacker, tree climber, and hammocker.
  8. @adventuresoffishandchips - What’s better than one adventure cat? TWO adventure cats! Fish and Chips are feline brothers on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They, together with their humans, play hard and rest hard all weekend long. During the week, they loll around with their bunny siblings and make plans for their next great exploration.
  9. @adventuretime_with_piper - Piper is a blind cat originally from Indonesia, who just recently relocated to the U.S. with her new parent, who is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Despite her very rough start, she is now living a life of beach adventure and hammock happiness. She’s a true inspiration - if Piper can get out there and explore, we all can! Check her out with those volcanoes!
  10. @yoshiandco - Have you ever seen a tubing cat? No? Well then you haven’t met Yoshi. Yoshi and his family enjoy spending time together in the Australian outdoors hiking, camping, and exploring. But perhaps Yoshi’s favorite (certainly most unique) interest is tubing and hanging out at the beach! If you fancy yourself a beach bum, this is the account for you. Now river rats may be another story…
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