Tools and Remedies to Tackle Seasonal Shedding

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Husky Being Brushed

Whether you’ve got a Golden Retriever, a German Shepherd, a mix of the two, or another heavy shedder, you’re probably noticing the fluff flying. Even my short-haired mutt has some tufts near his rump, but it doesn’t take much fur to make seasonal shedding a frustrating ordeal for pet parents. Luckily, I’ve got some of the industry’s best tools and tips for you to cut down on the shedding stresses.


If you’ve got a medium-haired dog and need to tackle the extra fur, check out the TWOBIU. It’s got a great user rating, and I highly recommend buying tools that have the fur ejector button like this one. Plus, it comes with two different-sized blades to help you get into smaller spaces. And, even though the blades are stainless steel, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The reviews indicate it’s best for dogs with short- to medium-length hair, but it can still manage the heavy undercoats of Huskies and Goldens. And the price point is a little less than the leading competitor, making it a great buy if you’re ready to get serious.

Furry Fido

Furry Fido offers another great shedding tool. It’s handle-free, so it looks like it would be a more natural “petting”-motion for the user. The teeth do seem a bit shorter, so it might be better suited to a pet with less dense or shorter hair. Keep in mind it doesn’t have the fur-ejector button that some other tools do, so you’ll be stopping to clear it occasionally and will need a second free hand to do that.

Speedy Stone

The Speedy Stone is not a pet brush, but it is a must-have for anyone that has a heavy shedder. I carried one in my car to lift my Golden mix’s fur from the upholstery, and it was truly magic. These things last a lifetime and are so much more effective than sticky rolls for heavy upholstery or carpet. No gumming up your vacuum or needing to have the car detailed regularly. Just use it, wipe it clean, and it’s good to go again and again.

Couch and Seat Covers

I’m so happy that I’m seeing sofa and loveseat covers in more decor-friendly patterns and affordable price points in recent years. No more industrial-looking fabrics, now you can find things like this cute reversible, washable sofa cover that will protect the cushions, as well as the back and arms, all year long. You want something you can pop on and off with your weekly clean up. Just be wary of stretchy fabric covers, as pet nails can pop holes in these in seconds.

Car seat covers are also a no-brainer. I can remember when a seat cover was $75, but now you can find 4-star rated car seat covers for dogs on Amazon for as little as $14.99. It’s a hammock style that just goes over the headrests, so it can go in and out easily, keeping muddy paws and fur off your car seats. The only caveat is that you need to make sure your pet’s travel harness can still be used when this is up.

A Vacuum Cleaner is Your Friend

If you have a dog that sheds heavily, invest in a good-quality vacuum cleaner. Dog hair can easily overwhelm a lesser quality machine and you’ll have to replace it sooner. Several companies make vacuum cleaner models specifically for homes with pets.

Once you’ve selected the right vacuum, use it often. With two Australian Shepherds and one English Shepherd, all of whom shed heavily twice a year, I vacuum daily. It’s a pain, but by doing it daily I can keep some control over the amount of hair in the house. Shedding is normal but that doesn’t mean you have to live in a house full of hair.

One last thrifty pet parent pro-tip:

Rubber gloves, either the medical kind or the dishwashing kind, can be donned and will grab pet hair off your couch, clothes, or other fabric surfaces and can be rinsed clean and reused over and over again. Stick one of the stretchy kind in your purse or glove box for emergency clean up because, as any pet parent knows, fur shows up at the most inopportune times.