Top 5 Superhero Pets from the Comic Book Universe

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With box-office mega hits bringing comic book universes to the general public, it’s clear that these long-loved superheroes have cemented their place in the mainstream for good. We want to make sure that our four-legged friends are honored for the heroes that they are too, so here are just a few of our favorite feline and canine sidekicks.

1. Krypto

One of the few super pets to receive their own animated series, Krypto is amongst the most beloved and recognizable pets from any comic. His origin story is a true happy ending, as his story started as Kal-El’s (aka Superman) childhood pet on Krypton. But in a tragic turn of events, Krypto found himself floating aimlessly through space due to a rocket ship mishap. All is well though as the two are reunited on earth. His adventures vary throughout the many Superman chronicles, but most of his storylines have one thing in common: they are tear-jerkers for the dog loving fanbase.

2. Lying Cat

Lying Cat has the ability to detect when a statement is a lie, and I feel as though this super ability has some basis in the writer’s real-life experience with cats. If you’ve ever had a cat, you know that their ability to call you out on your actions telekinetically is spot on. Lying Cat is sidekick to The Will and can say “lying” to him in an effort to root out right and wrong in the Saga Universe. The Sphynx cat-inspired character has developed her own following, complete with a line of popular merchandise.

3. Lucky the Pizza Dog

A dog formerly known as Arrow is rescued and adopted by Hawkeye in a story released in 2012. His name is changed to Lucky but, in an issue written completely from the dog’s point of view, we learn that he likes to think of himself as Pizza Dog, simply because he enjoys eating pizza. He has appearances in a number of other storylines and has inspired spin-off characters, like Pizza Bug, and continues to be influential in helping main characters in their quests to beat the bad guys.

4. Lockjaw

Lockjaw is a classic character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the 1960’s. This ginormous dog travels the galaxy via teleportation, and teams up with comic characters in a plethora of storylines while scaring the fictional civilians all the while. His adventures span comics, films, and even video games, making him one of the most beloved Bulldogs in the pop culture sphere. I can’t help but be a little jealous of the Inhuman Royal Family, having this guy as their four-legged bodyguard.

5. Goose

Goose (known as Chewy in the comic series) is Dr. Wendy Larken’s pet “cat” but is revealed to be an alien known as a Flerken in Captain Marvel. I won’t spoil anything for the remaining few of you that haven’t seen the film yet, but let’s just say this featured feline has an important role in this smash hit. If you needed any more incentive to see the movie everybody has been talking about, now at least you know there is an awesome cat in it.

Do you have a favorite animal superhero? What superpowers does your pet have?