Dubs debuts the Singletrack Pack

Lea Jaratz

dubs in singletrack pack

Embracer Jessica recently made a nearly cross-country move from our HQ in Cleveland, Ohio to her new position as Veterinary Account Rep in Denver, Colorado. It's been a big transition for her, and possibly a bigger transition for her Boxer, Dubs. This city slicker is now getting to go on hikes and tagging along as Jessica explores the landmarks and parks of the area. With new terrain must come new gear and pups are no exception. Dubs is sporting the Singletrack Pack from RuffWear.

The SingleTrack Pack will hold supplies and water. Being the gentleman that he is, Dubs insists on carrying his mom's water too, in one of the two BPA free Platypus bladders. I've seen watering backpacks for dogs before, and it honestly surprised me that this pack carried water--it's so slim and trim that it almost looks like a vest. There is very little added bulk.

It's got 5 points of adjustability, which means it's able to fully fit all of your dogs--just in case someone else needs to help carry the load for a while. With the custom fit, it won't sag, bunch or chafe your pet on the long hikes. The lightweight material minimizes heat build up and includes reflective fabrics for safety. I also like the bright orange patches, a coincidental safety feature if you're hiking in hunting territories.

Jessica's report from the field: "I really love this pack! It fit him perfectly and carried everything he needed while still being lightweight enough to not be cumbersome for him. We used it for our day hikes, and he was able to carry all the water he needed, plus a collapsible bowl and a little snack too. The platypus bladders are great, I have them for myself as well, and I loved how these had the pop tops so he could drink right from it if he wanted. We actually got stopped a few different times on the trails by people asking to check the pack out. It can actually double as a harness as well, there is a hook for a light or a leash."

If you're going on an excursion any longer than a quick overnight you'll want to pack a separate bag for your pet's supplies, but this pack will hold enough water for a day long hike.

$89.95 at RuffWear.com.

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