Cleveland and the Climate Changer from RuffWear

Lea Jaratz

There’s a saying here in Cleveland, Ohio: “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” That couldn’t be closer to the truth this winter. In the past ten days, temps have ranged between 11 and 60 degrees here on Lake Erie. Native Clevelanders are used to it. Pit Bulls transplanted from the desert in Utah--not so much. Kayden is, well, a weenie, when it comes to the cold. But, I’m not about to let him sulk around the house until the lake has thawed out. Nope. The only thing getting him through the cold winds is the Climate Changer from RuffWear.

This jacket looks like cozy loungewear, soft and snuggly. But, it’s actually a performance fleece (made of recycled material) designed for cold, dry temps. It’s perfectly suited to a walk around the block or a hike in the mountains. The fit is perfect for the athletic dog. As you can see, it looks almost tailor made for Kayden, fitting his wide chest and shoulders just right, and coming all the way down to his tail for complete back coverage. It’s got just a little bit of neck and upper arm coverage, but the fabric is so soft and stretches to allow for total range of motion, so your dog can still do zoomies with the best of ‘em.

The jacket includes a spot to attach a dog safety light, like Ruffwear’s Beacon. The reflective stripes are very subtle, but effective for low light situations. Perhaps my favorite feature is that it pulls up over the arms and then zips down the side, so nervous dogs won’t need to be bothered by something around the head and face. The positioning of the zipper makes it oh-so-easy to get on and off if your dog is just wearing it for a quick trip outside.

This jacket couldn’t be better. It’s soft enough to wear for long stretches, so Kayden has it on for good chunks of the day--whether he’s inside snuggled up by the radiator, or outside chasing other dogs in the snow and mid-western mud. Having a comfortable and effective coat for our active boy has spared us a case of cabin fever.

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