2013 Holiday Popular Pet Gift Guide

Sarah Sypniewski

Ah, the holidays… a time for giving all of the good little pets of the world (and aren’t they all good?) something delightful. To find ideas, I polled my fellow pet owners online to find out what their current favorites are and did a little of my own online window-shopping to come up with this--my 2013 Holiday Pet Gift Guide.


The Sky Scratcher - This is purrfect for the city kity! These New York subway trains and skyscrapers made out of cardboard keep your cat busy as a bustling metropolis. The trains go for $24, while the full ‘scraper runs $150.

Doca Pet Feeders - These are feeders for a dog (do) or a cat (ca) with modern design tastes. Stainless steel bowls hover on different frames made out of different materials, such as wire, steel, and maple. Available in all sorts of colors and prices to fit your modern lifestyle. $30 - $200

Pet Peek - Fence Window
Pet Peek (right) - Now, my dogs could never handle this, but one of my friends’ dogs loves the Pet Peek. They are essentially domed windows that you can install in your wooden or vinyl fence so your pets can see what’s on the other side. $34.98

Cat Tipi/Saguaro Dog Tipi - Let’s be honest--who doesn’t love the idea of plunking a teepee down in the middle of the living room? These two companies make some good ones! $54.00-$88.00

SnuggleSafe Pet Warmers - If you’ve got a chilly willy in the house, these are perfect. They’re discs you pop in the microwave and then stick under blankets, beds, or whatever. These little gems are made by a company in the UK, but are available in the US through Amazon and others for about $30.

Toys- Dog

Brainy Bones
Brainy Bones Tug A Bone (left) - Brainy Bones makes several different smart toys in addition to the Tug A Bone. They’re great and durable for dogs who need mental and physical stimulation. 4-Inch: $6.99 & 4.7-Inch: $8.36 on Amazon.

Fluff and Tuff plushies - At our house, plushies rule. They are far and away the favorite kind of toy. There are very few plush toys that can survive more than a week. This brand looks very promising. They have scads of different balls and animals to choose from, and I can’t wait to give them a go. $8.00 - $26.95

Toys - Cat

FroliCat TWITCH and POUNCE - FroliCat’s TWITCH is an automated toy that bounces and swings a feather toy around for your cat. $19.95 

Their POUNCE toy is a mouse on a circular track that just keeps going and going. $30.95

Cat Kickeroo by Kong

Cat Kickeroo by Kong (right) - Did you know Kong makes cat toys? I admit it--I didn’t. The Kickeroo comes recommended by a friend. It’s a catnip-filled long, plush toy for biting and wrestling, but here’s the real “kicker” (sorry, couldn’t resist): it’s got a tail or loop (depending on the design) so your cat can kick it and grip it with his hind legs! $9.99 for a set of 3 on Amazon


Chilly Dog Sweaters - Wow, who knew there was such an array of rockin’ handmade woolens for the canine set? They have a huge inventory, but check out my faves--Panda Hoodie (left) and Boyfriend. $32.99


WoofTags - These guys offer all sorts of different styles in ID tags and 100% of the profits funds animal rescue! Prices vary.

Tagg - The industry leader in GPS units for a pet’s collar. I personally have 5 of these--one for each of my dogs, and I recommend them to everyone: all of my lost pet clients after recovery, owners of skittish pets, traveling pets, pets being pet-sat… you get the idea. It’s astounding peace of mind--and 24/7 logistical, tactical, life-saving information. $100

Subscription Boxes

If you’re having a hard time deciding, why not choose a subscription box for your pet? Every month, they’ll send you a box of toys, treats, and other pet gear, as well as special deals to buy more if you like anything they sent you. It’s a great way to give all year long! Boxes range anywhere from $12 to $40 per month.

Well, what do you think? Did I miss any “must-haves?” Pipe up and share in the comment box below!

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