Vacationing with Pets

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It was starting to feel like summer would never arrive in many states across the US as rain and wind tore through. But the weather is looking up now and vacation plans are in full force. For many people, pets play a big role in travel and vacation accommodations. Embrace Pet Insurance asked more than 9,300 pet parents if and how they include their pets in their summer plans and found that an astounding 60% of people vacation with their pets.

Of those surveyed, 71% are dog owners, 11% are cat owners, and 16% own both dogs and cats.

Jet-setting Pets

Getting to your vacation destination is half the fun! By plane, car, or boat, you’re sure to make new memories.

Sleeping in the Doghouse

After a fun day of vacationing, a nice comfortable place to kick up your paws is in high demand.

Oh, the Places Your Pet Will Go

Where would you take your furry family for their ideal vacation? Maybe these traveling pets can give you some ideas.

Seas-ing the Day

Things are just beachy for 39% of pets whose owners take them to have fun with the sand between their paws. They don’t just soak up the sun though, 50% of those surveyed said their dogs enjoy swimming. And 36% have been to a dog beach so they can make some furry friends. Only 10% wear sunscreen though.

If you’re planning a beach vacation with your pet, check out how to protect them from sunburn.

Caution to all who play fetch on the beach: 12-year-old Beagle Jeter began vomiting after a day playing with his ball in the sand. Jeter swallowed too much of the sand from the ball and it caused a stomach blockage that cost his mom and dad more than $3,000 in emergency vet bills!

Tail Blazers

29% of pet owners take their pets camping with them, and 50% of those say their dogs go on hikes with them. When out for hikes, make sure that your pet’s paws are protected from heat and sharp objects and always keep your pets close. Oddjob, an 8-year-old mixed breed dog, investigated some bushes while on a hike that turned out to be a bear. Thankfully his paw-rents had Embrace to help with the more than $6,000 vet bill that followed. 

Roaming the Concrete Jungle

Cities might seem an unconventional place to vacation with pets, but 10% of pet owners find their way there. And there are pet-friendly spots to visit, 51% take their dogs to dog parks and 46% go to dog-friendly restaurants.

Fur-ends and Family

Outside of the beach, city, and camping, 22% of pet parents indicated “Other” which includes going to the mountains, lake, or visiting with family and friends.

Safety Tips to Traveling with Your Pet

Traveling with your pet is great! But bringing a pet along on your trip doesn’t only add extra legs, they also need packed for and research done about where they’re welcome and more.

  • Make sure their vaccines, preventatives, microchip, and tags are up to date

  • Remember to pack plenty of food and some extra water just in case

  • Bring along medications, bedding, leash, harness, and any accessories you use regularly

  • Research the nearest veterinary emergency facility near where you’ll be

Those with pet insurance for emergencies can rest easy knowing that Embrace has no networks – you’re free to use any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the world.

No matter where you end up on summer vacation, we hope that you and your pets have a fun and safe time!