8 Pet-safe Products to Add to Your Spring-cleaning Arsenal

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Spring is just around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I always get super antsy around this time every year. I want to get rid of a bunch of stuff, throw open the windows, and scrub, scrub, scrub. Since I have four dogs (and now a four-month-old human), I have to make sure the products I use are safe for my pets and family – and I know I’m not the only one.

I was disappointed by the lack of information I’ve found – specifically regarding ingredients. I encourage you to go out there and do your own shopping and research, but here are some ideas to help get started.

1. Puracy

Puracy offers an extensive line of household cleaning and personal care products. Puracy is not only pet, baby, and earth-safe, it is also cruelty-free (no animal testing here!). Puracy lists ALL ingredients on ALL of their products, so you can use their stuff confidently. They have rave reviews and offer different bundles and subscription services.

2. Sal Suds by Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s has been making natural soaps and cleaners since 1948. Their products are made for general housecleaning and are made of safe, natural ingredients (all of which are listed on the labels). For pets, you should stay away from the products that contain tea tree or eucalyptus oils, but there are many options that don’t have them. Sal Suds is a great one for general, pet-safe cleaning.

3. Bean & Lily

Bean & Lily’s household cleaning products are pH-neutral and cruelty-free. Cleaning products that are pH-neutral are closer to the pH of human and animals, so it minimizes the risk of skin irritation and is safer for the environment. They have a stated mission to do no harm to people, animals, or the planet, and offer a range of cleaning sprays, solutions, laundry supplies, and personal care products in line with that goal.

They list their ingredients on their website and labels, which sets them apart from many. However, pet owners are concerned that Bean & Lily aren’t specific enough about the “natural fragrance” they use. They claim it’s a blend of essential oils, and since some can be dangerous to pets, you’ll have to contact them directly or use in moderation. Pass on any of their products with the eucalyptus scent (like the bathroom cleaner) since that essential oil is not pet-safe.

4. Skout’s Honor

California-based Skout’s Honor is relatively new to the pet-safe cleaning scene, but the company’s offerings are wide-ranging. They have everything from urine stain and smell treatments to laundry soap and even patio cleaner. They even have a special cleaner for pet toys and bowls! Plus, their “Paw Pledge” proclaims: “Every purchase of a Skout's Honor® product provides three meals (one day's worth) for a rescue animal. We partner with Rescue Bank® who handles all distribution and logistics to get food to the animals in need. Together we can nurture more adoptable pets and make a greater impact!” *NOTE: they do not list all of their ingredients on their labels.

5. Nature's Miracle

Nature’s Miracle uses an enzymatic formula of pet and family-safe ingredients that effectively remove pet stains and odors. They’ve been around for over 30 years and have expanded their product line from one solution to a variety of different products to help with various needs around the home, both pet-related and otherwise.

6. White Vinegar, Baking Soda, and Other DIY Mixtures

It’s pretty troubling that even many of the so-called “pet-safe” or “natural” products out there don’t list all (or any) of their ingredients. Luckily, it’s easy to make a safe, effective cleaner on your own – all it takes is research, a quick shopping trip, and a few minutes in your kitchen laboratory. Most recipes come down to some mixture of white vinegar, water, and maybe some soap, oils, and/or baking soda. Wellness Mama has a bunch of great, easy recipes!

7. Thornell Products

Thornell has been making pet cleaning and odor eliminating products since 1980, and primarily serves the professional pet industry, like veterinarians, groomers, and the like. They now offer their non-toxic formulas to pet owners in several varieties that don’t focus so much on the general household, but on pet supplies like kennels and crates. This company that doesn’t list their ingredients though, so you have to take their word for it that they are safe.

8. Fizzion

Fizzion is a CO2-based concentrated tab that fizzes in water. It seems well-loved and is even endorsed by everyone’s favorite Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy. However, I cannot find a list of ingredients, so you’ll have to take the label’s word that it is “non-toxic and safe for children and pets.” Their products are primarily designed for use to clean floors and carpeting. They have the Jackson Galaxy line specifically made for pet stain and odor removal and a general house-cleaning line that includes a formula especially for wine stains.

After all of this research, I’m mostly left feeling amazed at how hard it is to really know what’s in the products we use. Always do your research to make sure that the formulas you use to clean your home are safe for pets and other members of your home.