Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers: 20 Unique Dog Gifts

Holiday & seasonal
Sheri Calming Dog Bed gift for dogs

This holiday season, let's celebrate the furry members of our families by showering them with pawsome dog gifts that will make their tails wag with glee. And while we're at it, let's not forget to treat their human companions to some doggone delightful gifts for dog lovers as well. 

Gifts for the Goodest Dogs: The Pawfect Dog Gift Picks for 2023 

From playful pups to seasoned canine comrades, there's a perfect gift out there for every tail-wagging friend and their loving humans. This guide will help you find the perfect dog presents to spread holiday cheer, whether you're seeking interactive toys, delectable puppy treats, or stylish canine accessories that'll make everyone howl with happiness. 

Dog Gifts 

This holiday season, don't forget to spread the cheer to the furry friends in your life—not just your own, but any pups that bring joy to those you love. Dogs are an integral part of families, and they deserve to be showered with love and appreciation just as much as anyone else on your list. 

Dogs bring so much joy and unconditional love into our lives. Their wagging tails, wet kisses, and unwavering loyalty make them a constant source of happiness and companionship. This holiday season, take a moment to show your appreciation for these furry companions by showering them with dog gifts that will make their tails wag and their hearts sing. 

Dog Travel Bottle 

a blue water bottle gift for a dog

Ditch the bulky, leaky water bottles and upgrade your furry friend's hydration routine with the Foldable Dog Water Bottle from LESOTC. It's a great gift for adventurous doggos and their on-the-go humans. This ingenious bottle collapses into a compact disc when not in use, easily fitting into your backpack or pocket, and it instantly pops up into a full-sized water dispenser when your pup needs a refreshing drink. 

Starting at $22.99 

Sheri Calming Dog Bed 

Sheri Calming Dog Bed gift for dogs

Shower your beloved pooch with a dog gift that'll make their tail wag with delight – a cozy new bed. This dog gift is sure to make your canine companion the happiest pup on the block, and it's stylish design makes it a thoughtful gift for any dog lover. With its raised rim and plush faux fur, this bed is like a warm embrace for your furry friend.  For anxious pups, the Snuggle Bed can be a calming haven. The soft fur and enclosed design help reduce stress and promote a sense of security, making it the perfect place for your doggo to relax and unwind. 

Starting at 34.99 and ships free in the US. 

Pet Shaped Pillow 

Pet Shaped Pillow gift for dogs

This holiday season, ditch the ordinary dog toys and unleash the ultimate snuggle fest with a pet-shaped pillow. Imagine your furry friend's delight as they discover the ideal gift for dogs—a mini-me, a cuddly doppelganger that's as soft and lovable as they are. 

Starting at $9.95 

Ruff-N-Tuff Reindeer 

Ruff-N-Tuff Reindeer gift for dogs

This durable squeaker toy is crafted with love in sunny Bozeman, Montana, making it the perfect gift for dog lovers. This Ruff-N-Tuff Reindeer is built to last, so your pup can enjoy it for years to come. It's filled with West Paw's patented recycled filling, making it an eco-friendly choice as well. Whether your dog loves to snuggle, chew, play fetch, or anything in between, this versatile toy is sure to keep them entertained. 


ChiChewy Zipz Ball 

ChiChewy Zipz Ball gift for dogs

For the dog who always needs a project, the ChiChewy Ball brings the durability we expect from KONG with a shape and texture dogs love. You can stuff it with peanut butter or cheese to keep your dog extra busy or use the wedge to hold a treat. It rolls in a bit of a wonky way to keep your dog guessing where the game will go next, making it the perfect enrichment toy for when you’re stuck indoors. 

2 sizes available, starting at $12.99 

Holiday Cookies 

Holiday Cookies dog treat gift idea

Dogs can share in the taste of Christmas with these charming holiday treats that look almost good enough for your cookie exchange. Full of peanut butter, cinnamon, and whole wheat flour, they’re an ideal dog gift. 

$24 (For the DIY gift-giver, you might also like these Lumps of Coal treats for the dogs on your naughty list.) 


ByteTag dog gift idea

This holiday season, spoil your furry friend with the gift of safety and style with the ByteTag QR code dog tag. Combining advanced technology with a sleek design, the ByteTag provides a unique QR code for easy identification, tracking and notifications if someone should find your unfortunately lost puppy, and a variety of stylish designs to complement your dog's personality. 

Starting at $10 

Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Squeaker Toy 

Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Squeaker Toy dog gift idea

This holiday season, give your furry friend the best dog gift—a squeaky toy that only they can hear! The Hear Doggy Chew Guard Flats Toy is made with an ultrasonic squeaker that's designed to be inaudible to human ears but still irresistible to dogs. Your dog will love chasing, chewing, and pouncing on this toy, all while you enjoy the peace and quiet. 

Starting at $12.50 

Aquapaw Slow Treater 

Aquapaw Slow Treater dog gift idea

Ditch the boring bowl and give your furry friend the gift of a licking bonanza with the Aquapaw Lick Mat for Dogs. This innovative mat is designed to slow down your dog's eating and promote healthy digestion, all while providing them with hours of mental stimulation and entertainment. Imagine the joy on your dog's face as they discover a treasure trove of tasty treats spread across the textured surface. This mat is not just a mealtime accessory; it's a boredom buster and an anxiety reliever, keeping your dog occupied and content for hours on end. 


Zoo Snood 

Panda Zoo Snood dog gift idea

This holiday season, ditch the boring sweaters and let your furry friend unleash their inner fashionista with a Zoo Snood! These hilariously adorable and functional dog accessories with animal-inspired designs will have your pup strutting down the street like they own the runway. Whether they're sporting reindeer antlers or channeling their inner panda bear, Zoo Snoods are sure to turn heads and leave a trail of paparazzi in their wake. This holiday season, let your furry friend strut their stuff in style with a Zoo Snood – the dog gift guaranteed to bring endless smiles to their human companions, making it a perfect gift for dog lovers as well!  

Starting at $14.95 

Gifts for Dog Lovers 

Custom Pet Portrait Stamp 

Custom Pet Portrait Stamp gift idea for dog lover

For the dog lover in your life, nothing could be more pawfect than a personalized stamp featuring their furry best friend. Picture their delight as they whip out their custom stamp to add a touch of doggone personality to everything from stationary and gift wrapping to their very own home décor. 


Dog Breed Candles 

Dog Breed Candles gift idea for dog lover

Unleash a wag-worthy gift this holiday season with the dog breed personality candles from Uncommon Goods. These soy wax wonders capture the paw-some traits of various dog breeds, from the playful zest of a Pug to the loyal spirit of a Labrador. Each candle is beautifully labeled with the breed's name and personality, making it the perfect gift for your dog lover's furry soulmate. Light up their home with love and laughter this holiday season with these candles. 


Dog DNA Test 

Dog DNA Test gift idea for dog lovers

Treat the dog lover in your life to a gift that unlocks the fascinating secrets of their beloved canine companion's ancestry and genetic makeup. With the Wisdom Panel™ genetic tests for dogs, they'll embark on a journey to uncover their furry friend's breed heritage, trace their lineage back to their great-grandparents, and gain valuable insights into their health and wellness. While the costs of dna tests for dogs can vary, this thoughtful gift will not only deepen their understanding of their dog but also strengthen their unbreakable bond.  

Starting at $78.74 

Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser 

Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser gift idea for dog lovers

Picture this: your dog-loving friend is stuck at work, their heart aching for their furry BFF. With the Petcube Bites 2p, they can instantly transport themselves to their dog's side, watching their playful antics in real-time through the crystal-clear 1080p HD video. They will be filled with joy as they witness their dog's adorable antics, and they can even engage in two-way audio conversations, letting their soothing voice bridge the distance and strengthen their bond. 

But the fun doesn't stop there. With the built-in treat dispenser, your friend can remotely fling delicious snacks to their dog, rewarding their good behavior or simply bringing joy to their day. This is the ultimate gift for dog lovers, guaranteed to make their hearts melt and their dogs' tails wag with excitement. 


Pet Hair Remover 

Pet Hair Remover gift idea for dog lover

Gift the dog lover in your life with the ultimate weapon against pet hair—the ChomChom Pet Hair Remover. This innovative tool effortlessly removes embedded pet hair from furniture, clothing, and more, leaving surfaces spotless without the mess of sticky adhesives or refills. $35 

Dog Talking Buttons 

Dog Talking Buttons gift idea for dog lovers

Looking for a gift for a dog lover who is constantly trying to figure out what their furry friend is thinking? FluentPet is the perfect gift to help them crack the code! With recordable sound buttons and HexTiles, this allows dog owners to start teaching their dogs basic words and commands, fostering a deeper level of understanding and communication. Whether it's saying "outside" for potty breaks or "play" for playtime, this kit opens up a world of possibilities for connecting with your canine companion. Surprise the dog lover in your life with this unique and thoughtful gift that will strengthen their bond and bring endless joy. 

Starting at $40 

Air Purifier 

Air Purifier gift idea for dog lover

Give the gift of fresh air and a healthier home for your dog-loving friend with an air purifier. This compact yet powerful device effectively removes harmful pollutants from the air, including pet dander, hair, and odors, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for both humans and their furry companions. 


Personalized Dog Book 

Personalized Dog Book gift idea for dog lover

Unleash tail-wagging fun with "Your Amazing Dog," a personalized pet book from Wonderbly. This heartwarming tale celebrates the special bond between a child and their furry friend, filled with playful antics and heartwarming moments. It's more than just a story; it's a celebration of the unbreakable bond between a child and their dog. It's a gift for dog lovers—especially the little ones—that will bring joy, laughter, and heartwarming moments for years to come. 


Matching Hoodies 

Matching Hoodies gift idea for dog lovers

A gift for the dog lover who wants to twin with their furry friend, matching human and dog apparel is the perfect gift. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, you can find the perfect outfit for person and pup to show off in style. Whether you're looking for something cozy and comfy for lounging around the house or something stylish and trendy for a day out, we’ve got you covered. Give the gift of matching style this holiday season. 

Starting at $16 for dogs and $30 for humans 

Dog Collar with Bottle Opener 

Dog Collar with Bottle Opener gift idea for dog lovers

Spread holiday cheer with this festive and functional Ugly Christmas Sweater collar – the perfect gift for dog lovers and their furry friends! This stylish and durable collar isn't just about the holiday spirit; it's also crafted with eco-friendly materials, features super durable hardware, and boasts a waterproof lining to prevent that pesky dog smell from taking over. And that's not all! This collar has a matching lead and...wait for it...a bottle opener cleverly concealed in the tag ring. It's the gift that keeps on giving!  

Starting at $23 

Peace of Mind for Your Furry Friend: The Pawfect Gift of Dog Insurance 

This holiday season, give your furry friend the gift of dog insurance. Dog insurance helps you afford the best possible care for your furry friend, no matter what life throws their way. Whether it's a sudden illness, an unexpected injury, or that mischievous habit of chewing on everything in sight, dog insurance has your back. 

So, instead of worrying about the next vet bill, you can focus on creating lasting memories, playing endless games of fetch, and sharing countless belly rubs with your beloved pooch. Dog insurance will take care of the rest. 

Plus, dog insurance is not only a great gift for your furry friend, but it's also a thoughtful gesture for the dog lover in your life. It shows that you care about their well-being and that you want to help them provide the best possible care for their canine companion. 

So, this holiday season, give the gift of peace of mind with dog insurance. It's the pawfect way to show your love for your furry friend and the dog lover in your life. 

Express Your Love Without Breaking the Bank: Thoughtful Gifts for Dogs and Gifts for Dog Lovers 

This holiday season, don't stress about emptying your wallet to show your furry friend and the dog lover in your life how much you care. Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts come from the heart, not from your wallet. The holidays aren’t about fancy presents; they’re about caring for others, including the goodest dogs and the humans that love them.  

Focus on creating memories together, making those doggos feel loved and appreciated, and expressing your love through actions and words. Pups and their human sidekicks will cherish the thoughtfulness and attention far more than any material gift. 

Free Dog Gifts 

Dedicate some extra time each day to spend with your dog, whether it's taking them for a longer walk, playing fetch in the park, or cuddling up on the couch for a movie marathon. Create DIY toys, plan a dog-friendly adventure, or teach them a new skill. 

Free Gifts for Dog Lovers 

Capture their memories by taking photos and videos of their dog, and especially capturing some shots of them together. Parents and pet parents alike often miss out getting pics together! Volunteer at a local animal shelter, helping to walk, socialize, and care for shelter dogs. Enroll in an online dog training course with your dog loving friend to show them your love for them and their pup, while allowing you to spend some quality time together.  

Wrapping Up Holiday Cheer: Thoughtful Gifts for Dog Lovers and Their Canine Companions 

The holidays are a great time to show your appreciation for the dog lovers in your life. With a plethora of tail-wagging gifts for dogs and gifts for dog lovers available, you're sure to find something that will bring joy. 

When selecting gifts for dog lovers, it's important to consider their individual paw-sonalities and the needs of their beloved canine companion. Whether you choose a personalized gift that celebrates their unique connection, a practical item that enhances their daily lives, or a fun and engaging toy that sparks their dog's playful spirit, remember that the most important thing is to choose a gift that is both thoughtful and personal. 

In addition to the tangible gifts mentioned in this article, consider the invaluable gift of pet insurance for your furry friend. While it may not seem like the most exciting present under the tree, it could be the most important one you give. 

With a little thoughtfulness and creativity, you can make this holiday season truly special for the dog lovers in your life. Remember, the best gifts are those that reflect your love and appreciation for the special bond they share with their furry friends. Happy Paw-lidays!