Feline Festive? 2020 Gift List for Cats

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cat in felt tree

While some cats don’t seem to appreciate nice things we do for them, I think we’ve found a few treats and goodies that even the harshest of kitty critics would love to find under the tree.

Felted Tree Cat Cave

These felted tree cat caves remind me of those ceramic Christmas trees everyone’s grandma had, except your kitty can’t knock this down and break it. Besides adding classic style to your holiday decor, these trees contain natural sheep’s lanolin that is beneficial to your cat’s fur and paws, while reminding them of their mother’s scent. The trees are available in green or white, or you might purrfur a different cave that fits in all year round, like the Snowy Owl.

$85 (Handcrafted by artisans in Nepal, your gift also helps to keep families out of poverty, making this a great gift all around.)

Wooden Cat Shelves

Who said cat furniture has to be ugly and take up a huge chunk of your floor space? These cat shelves prove otherwise. Ready to hang as is, or for you to put your own touches on, these shelves elevate your cat and your decor. Kitties love keeping an eye on the room from up high, getting away from the chaos, and finding a safe, quiet place to snuggle. You can also use these shelves to put your plants or other things up high, so long as you don’t mind your cat knocking them down repeatedly.

$100 and ships free from Cats Play Furniture

White Claw Kitty Toy 

For your basic cat, the Kitty Claw comes in mango or black cherry, but they also have the option of a flavor your cat will really love: catnip. You and your kitty can share your favorite thing together at the end of a stressful day. You know someone on your holiday list needs this.

$10 each. Bulk orders available from Debra AnnMarie Studio on Etsy, if you need more than a six pack.

Wild Salmon Skin Jerky Treats

Unless you want your kitty to gnaw a hole in their stocking, I wouldn’t put these wild salmon-skin jerky treats in there too far in advance. Made in the USA with organic salmon and no preservatives, they’re good for any age or stage of your kitty’s life and sure to make you the most pawpular gift giver.

$16.95 and free shipping over $35 at Organic Doggy Chef Shop, so buy two!

Ceramic Cat Fountain

Cats are more likely to stay hydrated when flowing water is available. The Drinkwell Ceramic Fountain has carbon filters that keep fur and debris out of the stream, so even fussy felines won’t be put off. The pump is quiet, so it won’t scare your cat away. Pet parents love that the ceramic makes it easy to clean and is even dishwasher safe. Purrfection! It holds up to 70 ounces, so it could also work for multi-cat homes.

$79.95 at Chewy.com

Natural Catnip Ball

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more perfect enrichment toy for a kitty who’s bored during the long winter days than this catnip ball. Down the stairs, down the hall, under the bed, it’ll satisfy your cat’s need to stalk their prey and get a fantastic reward when they finally catch it! Whether you go for the solid ball or the soft colorful option, they’re a great stocking stuffer at a nice price.

$7.99 and up from Figaro Cat Balls on Etsy. (If your cat doesn’t love catnip, try these silvervine fruit treats instead.)

Double Cat Hammock

If you’re tired of hearing spats between cats as they compete for the best views, this double cat hammock has jumbo suction cups and a metal frame so it’s durable enough for multiple adult cats to sprawl out on. One reviewer uses it with two 13-pound cats! No tools required to install it, and it can be taken down and machine washed whenever the kitties will let you have it for a while. It even folds up so you can close your blinds at night. There’s no such thing as a bad view when they can share and snuggle up together.

$29.99 at Amazon

What do you suppose your cat wants this year? Did they make it on to the nice list, or land themselves on the naughty list? No matter. We still love them all the same!