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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Cats

By Lea Jaratz

Cats enjoy the holidays, though in a simpler way than we do. Perhaps just swatting a ball of wrapping paper or cozying up on your lap while you enjoy a hot cocoa is enough to bring them peace and happiness. But, if you’re like us and like to include your kitty in the gift-giving, we’ve found some of the best gift items in cat furniture, toys, and feline wellness to help get your shopping started.


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Roped Cat Bridge

CatastrophiCreations makes “unconventional cat furniture” and we love how their pieces add to the decor instead of being an eyesore. Their pieces are modular and customizable, but our favorite piece for form and function is the Roped Cat Bridge ($195+). There are different sizes and materials available, but I see this as a game-changer for small spaces, or for cats that need to escape kids or dogs on floor level. Some reviewers added plants to make it even more appealing to cats. It’s a sturdy gift that many generations of cats will enjoy.

Self-warming Cat Bed

Cats crave warm, secret spaces, but sometimes your lap just isn’t available. This Self-warming Cat Bed ($20) has a removable hood and metalized insulation inside to return the cat’s body heat. There are no plugs or dangerous heating elements, just their own body warmth helping them stay cozy. What a warm safe haven for your kitty to stay snuggled up during cooler temps.


EZ Mount Window Scratcher

Every cat loves window watching, but the EZ Mount Window Scratcher ($24.99) takes it to a new level, giving them their own special spot. Hundreds of pet parents say this scratcher works well and stays in place using just the suction cups, even with large-ish cats. It’s not big enough to hold two cats, but some pet parents felt it was such a hit that they bought several of them and plan to refill the replaceable scratching pad when it wears out.


Catnip Pizza Slice Toy

The only thing a cat wants more than anchovies is catnip. These Pizza Slice Toys are stuffed with catnip (or valerian root), and you can buy it by the slice ($10.22)  or a four pack ($28.31), which comes in its own gift-ready pizza box! The chunky stitching shows how durable it is. Your kitty will love their leftovers!

Bird Teaser with Feathers

This Bird Teaser ($3.59) is not only cute and crinkly but has a perfect 5-star rating from users. It’s priced perfectly for stocking stuffers or to gift to a cat you need just a little something for. Cats can put on winter weight too, so this toy is a great way for you and your cat to bond and stay active when cabin fever is starting to set in. Teasers like this can even encourage kittens to attack toys instead of fingers.

Health and Wellness


Swan Cat Drinking Fountain

Water fountains have been proven to help cats stay better hydrated, so we were excited to see this pretty Swan Cat Drinking Fountain ($37). It holds up to 80 ounces of water, utilizes charcoal filtration to keep their water fresh and appealing, and is sufficient for multi-cat homes. No more stale water going to waste or running the kitchen faucet just for the cat.

Matatabi Chew Sticks

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Matatabi Cat Chew Sticks ($9.75) are a great way to help your cat maintain clean teeth. An alternative to catnip, these sticks are slices of Silvervine plant vines and include essential oils that many cats go nuts for. In fact, one study showed that more cats responded favorably to Matatabi than catnip, and generally played with the item longer. If your cat isn’t a fan of catnip, or you’re looking for a way to help keep their clean teeth clean longer, try a Matatabi stick in their stocking.

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