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Gifts for Dogs: Our 2017 Holiday Guide

By Lea Jaratz

PolkaDog Treats

Rejoice! It’s that time of year when spoiling your dog is completely socially acceptable!

I don’t go too overboard, but I do like to use this opportunity to get my pup something less practical and a bit more fun. Maybe a fresh chew toy or a new collar, sort of the equivalent of socks and underwear for humans. But, it’s been awhile since I splurged on my buddy, so I spent a snowy afternoon browsing the best that the internet has to offer, and thought I’d share my favs with you.


The Surf and Turf

Our groomer highly recommends Polkadog Treats and Kayden loved his sample. Now that I see they offer a Surf and Turf 3 pack, it’s clear to me that this is a level of sophistication my dog has been lacking. I feel like he might need one of those lobster bibs to nom-nom-nom on his cod, chicken or haddock dried treats. Bonus points for these treats being made in Boston. ($39.99 from Polkadog)

Want to keep the treats seasonal? Your dog might feel festive with these Turducken treats.

leather wing dog collar

Leather Wing Collar

This collar is what I call a statement piece. I hope this artisan sends business cards along with the product because you’re sure to be asked “where did you get that collar?” Artist Lindsay Dilley has a flair for fantasy, offering collars that would fit in anywhere from Dublin to the Shire. If your dog can pull this look off, she might need a walk on role on Game of Thrones. (Starting at $100 from Black Hound Leather)

Feeling the Celtic vibe? Check out this more traditional Celtic-styled collar.


Cave Bed

Cozy Cave Beds

I’d estimate Kayden spends about 80% of the winter curled up in his bed with his nose tucked somewhere to keep warm. I’ve always wanted to try one of those cave beds, but only see them in tiny dog sizes. Now, big freeze babies can get snuggled up too!

Snoozer has tons of sizes, fabrics, and filling options, including orthopedic foam. While these aren’t the cheapest dog beds you can find, they’re on the affordable end of the luxury dog bed spectrum. And it might save me a few bucks because I won’t be cranking up the heat for the dog. ($69.95 and up from Snoozer)

If your dog loves a good place to hide, a pet teepee would look adorable in your sitting room.

Fernie Sweater

Fernie Sweater Knit Fleece

Kayden has always looked good in his Climate Changer jacket from Ruffwear, (and it’s still looks great even after years of cold midwestern winters). He doesn’t wear it daily, but when the temps dip into the negatives he’s miserable without it.

But, I have a confession: I let Kayden put on a few pounds. I’m not sure what happened, but he’s really smooshed into it now, so I’m shopping for a new shirt for him. I can’t help but love how the Fernie looks. It’s like they made a sweater for dogs to wear in the English countryside. ($59.99)

Tuffy Toys

Tuffy Dog Toys

Tuffy toys are kinda perfect for the gentle giant. Kayden cuddles his and plays gently with it, licking it and treating it like his best bud. Until one day, it’s over and he annihilates it. I don’t know what these toys do to make him turn on them, but it’s not pretty.

He’s been through Morris the Monkey, General the Starfish, and the Tiger Shark. Burtle the Turtle holds the record for longest-lasting Tuffy toy, but after 7 long months in captivity, I’m sure his days are numbered. I love these things because they have a toughness rating scale, so you can estimate what toy will stand up best to your dog’s chewing. Kayden probably needs something tougher, like Rutabaga the Rabbit, but I think the stegosaurus would look cuter peeking out of his stocking.

I think I hit a sweet spot between practicality and luxury this year. I’m sure Kayden will be pleased with whatever he gets, but including him on my shopping list serves as a reminder about how key he is to our little family.

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