Finding the Best Pet Insurance

Kara Bednarik

Best Pet Insurance

Your pets are part of the family, and finding the best pet insurance plan for them is important. With so many companies out there, it can be difficult to decide on the right one.

5 Things to Consider When Picking Your Pet Insurance Policy

  1. Do you have a pure breed pet? When deciding on insurance you’ll want to make sure that there are no exclusions based on your pet’s breed. For example, Labrador Retrievers and Rottweilers are both prone to hip dysplasia – a condition that cost thousands of dollars to treat. Make sure that the insurance company you choose won’t eliminate coverage for these things because of your pet’s breed.

    Bonus Tip: Wondering what conditions your pet’s breed may be prone to? Check out our Dog and Cat Breed Libraries.
  2. What are the waiting periods? Some companies have long waiting periods for injuries or illnesses that you have to make it through before coverage starts. Double check that the waiting period for your plan is stated clearly.
  3. Do you need exam fees covered? Emergency exam fees can be upwards of $100. That’s just to be seen, it doesn’t count the treatment costs! Some pet insurance companies don’t reimburse for the exam fee. Be certain that your plan doesn’t have any gaps in coverage.
  4. How do they handle pre-existing conditions? No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, but some do offer coverage for curable pre-existing conditions if the pet goes symptom free for a certain amount of time. Has your pet had an upset tummy or ear infection in the past? You don’t have to settle for a plan that would exclude these issues permanently.
  5. What about routine care? Most pet insurance policies don’t cover routine care, and some pet insurance companies don’t even offer a routine care plan. Embrace offers Wellness Rewards, the industry’s only routine care plan that works like a health savings account. You pay a portion of the total allowance and Embrace chips in the rest because we believe you should be rewarded for doing the best for your pets.

Whether you’re looking for protection from an injury or illness, or planning the regular maintenance of owning a puppy or kitten, Embrace has you covered. Get a free quote for your pet today.

While you can't predict when your pet is going to get sick or injured, you can protect yourself from expensive veterinary bills. Embrace Pet Insurance gives you the freedom to do what’s best for your pet without stressing over the cost. Easily personalize your coverage to fit your budget and your pet’s needs, then visit any vet for nose-to-tail coverage. Check out what the Embrace plan covers or compare pet insurance providers to learn more.