Female Cat Names: Unique and Cute Girl Cat Name Options

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Girl cat cuddling with owner

The first tentative steps on the floor, a cautious sniff of the air – your new kitten is home. The joy of the moment is followed by a single, pressing question: what will you call your purring princess? If you’re overwhelmed by the number of female cat names out there, don’t be alarmed. Finding the right girl cat name is easier than you might think! 

As you get to know your new pet, you’ll soon have plenty of information to guide your decision. Is your kitty sweet and playful? Or is she grumpy and high-maintenance? You can use both her personality and appearance to help you choose her name. 

Dive into our treasure trove of girl cat names! Whether you're drawn to classic charm or unexpected delights, this list will spark your imagination and help you find the purr-fect fit. 

Popular Female Cat Names: Beautiful and Classic Choices 

Sometimes, the most beloved names are the ones you hear every day. Familiar and charming, these classic choices have earned their popularity for a reason. These common names are versatile and great choices for any cat. 

These names are easy to pronounce and spell, making them smart choices for families with young children. Take a look at these names to see if any might fit your new pet.  

  • Stella 

  • Lily 

  • Bella 

  • Callie 

  • Tabby 

  • Allie 

  • Misty 

  • Patches 

  • Sox 

  • Cleo 

  • Ginger 

  • Ebony 

  • Gracie 

  • Lucky 

  • Daisy  

Unique Girl Cat Names for a One-of-a-Kind Feline 

While classic names have their charm, the world of unique girl cat names is brimming with possibilities. Don’t shy away from considering an out-of-the-box name. Rare names can help your special kitty stand out and call attention to their individuality. A cat with a heart-shaped spot might be called Cupid while one with a black and white tail could be named Lemur. 

Your cat’s personality can also help you come up with creative names. A plucky kitty can be called Bolt, while Whisper or Sprite might be a better name for a timid one. 

Some other unique girl cat names are: 

  • Indigo 

  • Dawn 

  • Stella 

  • Josephine 

  • Primrose 

  • Glinda 

  • Twilight 

  • Anastasia 

  • Tails 

  • Lola 

  • Lani 

  • Harmony 

  • Yeti 

  • Quill 

  • Bandit 

  • Foss 

  • Prius 

  • Genie 

  • Jessa 

  • Frosty 

  • Camper 

  • Melody 

  • Curie 

  • Freckles 

Girl cat with owner

Cute Girl Cat Names for Adorable Kitties 

What’s sweeter than a fluffy cat with a loveable temperament? We don’t know either! It’s not surprising that many pet owners default to cute girl cat names to honor their adorable felines. If you’re lucky enough to own one of the friendliest cat breeds around, such as a Maine Coon or ragdoll, a cute, charming name will likely be a great fit. 

Does your cat have long, silky fur? Her name could be Rapunzel. If she seems to smile in her own feline way, you can name her Giggles. 

Here are some more cute names to consider: 

  • Princess 

  • Snowball 

  • Smokie 

  • Sparkles 

  • Bunny 

  • Belle 

  • Jewel 

  • Whiskers 

  • Flossie 

  • Sugar 

  • Goldie 

  • Fluffy 

  • Jingles 

  • Glossy 

  • Marbles 

  • Darla 

  • Bitsy 

  • Boots 

  • Poppy 

  • Gemma 

  • Trixie 

  • Minx 

  • Prissy 

  • Sweetie 

  • Mittens 

Girl Kitten Names Inspired by Movies, TV, and Books 

Your own personality can come into play during the naming process. Think about your favorite movies and TV shows. Are there any characters your cat reminds you of? If you’re more of a bookworm, identify those fun, clever female characters for inspiration. This cultural link can help you form a bond with your brand-new cat. 

  • Crookshanks (Harry Potter series) 

  • Salem (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) 

  • Pippy (Pippi Longstocking) 

  • Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz) 

  • Phoebe (Friends) 

  • Alina (Shadow and Bone) 

  • Kit (Charmed) 

  • Hello Kitty (animated character) 

  • Marie (The Aristocats) 

  • Cinderella (Disney princess) 

  • Tiana (Disney princess) 

  • Tinkerbell (Disney fairy) 

  • Aurora (Disney princess) 

  • Jenny (Forrest Gump) 

  • Ella (Ella Enchanted) 

  • Juliet (Romeo and Juliet) 

  • Rose (Titanic) 

  • Trinity (The Matrix) 

  • Evie (The Mummy) 

  • Mrs. Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility) 

  • Annabeth (Percy Jackson series) 

  • Winifred (Hocus Pocus) 

  • Binx (Hocus Pocus) 

  • Marnie (Halloweentown) 

  • Barbie (Mattel character) 

  • Tabitha (Bewitched) 

Food-Inspired Female Cat Names 

Some people are passionate about reading, and some are passionate about eating! Many of the best cat names for females come from our favorite foods. Have fun choosing a sweet or savory name for your furry friend. Sriracha is the perfect name for a cat with a spicy, independent personality, while Twix suits a brown kitty with a sugary personality. 

Before you head to your pantry for inspiration, check out our food-related recommendations: 

  • Twinkie 

  • Creampuff 

  • Honey 

  • Snickers 

  • Pumpkin 

  • Sweetie Pie 

  • Muffin 

  • Buckeye 

  • Berry 

  • Pepper 

  • Shortcake 

  • Salty 

  • Bean 

  • Rosemary 

  • Cinnamon 

  • Taco 

  • Nutmeg 

  • Clove 

  • Twizzler 

  • Cookie 

  • Cheddar 

  • Oreo 

  • Taffy 

  • Pretzel 

  • Churro 

  • Dorito 

Girl cat playing with mouse

Regal and Mythological Female Cat Names 

If your cat gives off less of a sweet vibe and more of a royal one, look to mythological figures for ideas. Not up to date on your Greek mythology? You can get a run-down of Greek goddesses here. You can also channel real-life royalty by referencing historical figures. There will be no doubt about the fact that your cat is strong and powerful. 

  • Medusa 

  • Athena 

  • Penelope 

  • Queen 

  • Arwen 

  • Galadriel 

  • Miriel 

  • Iris 

  • Isolde 

  • Aphrodite 

  • Artemis 

  • Persephone 

  • Freyja 

  • Goddess 

  • Huitaca 

  • Xochiquetzal 

  • Guinevere 

  • Morgan le Fay 

  • Nimue 

  • Ariadne 

  • Banshee 

  • Harpy 

  • Scylla 

  • Libitina 

  • Nyx 

  • Charybdis 

Outdoor and Adventure-Inspired Girl Cat Names for Spunky Felines 

We all know cats who spend every afternoon snoozing away on the couch. Some cats even sleep up to 18 hours a day! While some cats relish sunbathing on windowsills and napping in sunbeams, others carry a spark of wanderlust in their hearts. For these adventurous felines, nature-inspired names can capture their wild spirit, even within the cozy confines of home. From rivers to fields to the skies, there are infinite possibilities for inspiration. 

  • Moss 

  • Twigs 

  • River 

  • Sandy 

  • Rider 

  • Mud 

  • Starr 

  • Sunny 

  • Luna 

  • Mooney 

  • Nebula 

  • Rain 

  • Bluff 

  • Montana 

  • Cosmo 

  • Appalachia 

  • Tide 

  • Crest 

  • Biker 

  • Skipper 

  • Atlas 

  • Comet 

  • Milky Way 

  • Bear 

  • Acorn 

  • Andromeda 

  • Oakley 

  • Raindrop 

  • Fern 

  • Meadow 

  • Bee 

  • Talon 

  • Hawk 

  • Nova 

  • Feathers 

  • Goosey 

  • Aero 

  • Fin 

  • Aqua 

Girl kitten playing with toy

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Female Cat Name 

With so many girl kitten names available, it can feel impossible to choose just one. There’s no need to rush into a decision. Give yourself some time to get to know your new pet. This way, you can make sure to pick a name that suits them. After all, if you name your temperamental, standoffish cat “Hugs,” you might be in for some interesting introductions in the future. 

Make sure the name you choose isn’t offensive, and don’t choose a name that you’ll be embarrassed of down the road. You’ll also want to refrain from selecting an overly long and complicated name. Spelling it at the vet’s office will get tedious very quickly. 

The Importance of Being a Responsible Cat Owner 

Life with a new kitten is filled with delightful surprises, from discovering their unique personality to choosing the perfect female cat name. But as responsible cat owners, we also know the importance of preparing for the unexpected. 

Just like picking a name that reflects your kitty's spirit, investing in cat insurance ensures you can provide the best possible care for them, no matter what life throws your way.  

If you’re like some pet owners, you might be hesitant to invest in insurance. You might wonder, ”How often do you take a cat to the vet, anyway?” You may find yourself going to the vet more often than you’d like, as even healthy cats need regular checkups and vaccinations, and unexpected illnesses can strike at any time. Cat insurance can help cover the costs of emergencies, illnesses, and even certain chronic conditions, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what truly matters – showering your kitty with love and cuddles. 

And beyond emergencies, supplemental wellness plans can help you budget for those essential routine visits, ensuring your playful pal stays healthy and happy for years to come...and who knows, maybe the peace of mind insurance brings will inspire you to choose an even bolder name for your fearless feline explorer, like "Luna" or "Nova" – after all, the sky's the limit when you're prepared for anything! 

Enjoy Finding the Right Female Cat Name for Your Pet 

Picking a name for your cat shouldn’t be stressful. It's more like opening a treasure chest full of possibilities. Take your time, have fun, and let the name find you. Try out different options, see what sticks, and don't be afraid to change your mind. It's okay if it takes a few days or even weeks – there's no rush!  

Sometimes, the most fitting name pops up in the most unexpected places – a funny sound bite from a movie, a quirky character in a book, even a memory of a dear pet from your past. Trust your gut, trust your bond with your feline friend, and trust that somewhere within the endless list of names lies the one that resonates with both of you.  

Congratulations, you've survived the naming game! Now, brace yourself for the real challenge – teaching your cat to respond to it.