Embrace 10 Year Commemorative

As I sat for my job interview at Laura Bennett's dining room table, with her cat Barnes tumbling around in my lap back in 2006, we talked about perhaps starting up an Embrace office over her garage until we could get more staff on board.   When I was offered the job some weeks later, I remember being pleasantly surprised to learn that Embrace had rented a two room office. My first days were spent with just me and one other Embracer, (yes, I felt funny being called an Embracer then) Christine and Laura, sitting at makeshift desks all in the same room. All three of us, serving as call center, claims department, social media, customer care. All of it.  We laughed. We learned how each of us took our coffee or what we did for fun on the weekend.  (For Chris, it was often Bull Riding. I was usually doing work on our new house. Laura, almost always, was putting in tons of extra hours getting Embrace off the ground.) We got a sign on the door. We launched a website. We took calls from pet parents. We made sales. Each and every milestone was a huge deal and we celebrated accordingly.

If you could have told me then, with her cat on my lap, that ten years later I’d be measuring a decade of Embrace in the number of offices we’d have upgraded from, or the number of employees that have been added (and some said goodbye to) well, I don’t think I’d have been able to see the big picture. But, now, the big picture is only just beginning to unfold. We moved from that two room office (with a shared bathroom) to a four room office across the lot (also a shared bathroom) and eventually to a much larger office space, with sub offices and a kitchen (AND OUR OWN BATHROOMS) with a staff of twenty or so a few years later. Then, it felt like we’d made it to the big time. But, with booms in sales and more claims needing processed, we needed more space, more parking, more lunch room...so in 2014 we did an entire build out of our very own offices, complete with doggy gates, a cat fostering room and yoga studio, with room to grow.

Our first Embrace holiday party was tiny, maybe 7 or 8 of us laughing to tears  through a few rounds of a white elephant exchange. Now, we have to have our office parties in shifts, because if you got all 90 or so of us together at once, we wouldn’t fit in the lunch area and the laughter would raise the roof. I won’t say it’s all been an easy journey, but certainly new hires wouldn’t recognize the company we were in the 2000’s. With each expanding department there are more new faces for me to learn and sometimes I’ll have to ask another long timer “What does she do again?” But, these are good problems to have.

When most companies grow, their mission statement and ideals are watered down. They’re no longer the grass-roots, community centered startup that began in someone’s garage (or in the room above their garage as it nearly was in our case). But, to me, the most impressive part of a decade of Embrace to me is that the core values are just as they were when it was just a few of us and the message was coming directly from Laura and Alex. Embrace has managed to cultivate a network of employees that understand that we are a compassionate, customer-centric company, that values innovative thinking and is never ok with just letting things coast on cruise control. We are still the group that goes out to celebrate personal milestones and hug when one of us is going through some struggles. Every new employee works hard and works smart, and appreciates our many challenges. Watching all the developments has been fascinating, a little addictive even, and I cannot wait to see what the big picture holds for the next ten years.

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