Claim Example: dental cleaning and extractions

After * Update 6/20/17 - Dental Rewards is no longer offered by Embrace Pet Insurance. Dental cleaning and illness are now reimbursed via Wellness Rewards.

To honor dental month, here is a claim example using the Embrace Pet Insurance Dental Rewards coverage.

The claim is for Hazel, a 7 year old Beagle living in Austin, TX who needed 11 simple and 4 complex tooth extractions along with her teeth cleaning.

9/20/2010   Dental Cleaning $0.00
9/20/2010   Exam $0.00
9/20/2010   Diazepam Injection $0.00
9/20/2010   Ketaved Injection $0.00
9/20/2010   Diagnostic Profile $64.00
9/20/2010   Catheter & Fluids $35.00
9/20/2010   Dental Cleaning $96.00
9/20/2010   Anesthesia Time $155.25
9/20/2010   Dental Extraction $0.00
9/20/2010   Simple Dental Extraction  
9/20/2010   Grade A x 11 $55.00
9/20/2010   Complex Dental Extraction  
9/20/2010   Grade A x 2 $70.00
9/20/2010   Grade C x 2 $150.00
9/20/2010   OraVet $15.00
9/20/2010   Flocillin Injection $0.00
9/20/2010   Buprenorphine HCl Injection $22.00
9/20/2010   Tramadol x 10 $8.50
Total         $670.75

That's a lot of teeth removed.

Hazel's Dental Rewards coverage helped pay for the procedure by paying out $400 for the year and costing $28.95 a month ($347.40 a year). If she'd paid her premiums up front for the whole year, the coverage would have cost $399, saving her $101 for the surgery.


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