a True Chew Review

Lea Jaratz sent Lyger and Kayden a pack of one of their best-selling treats, True Chews Jerky Cuts Chicken Tenders.

True: They’re sourced and made in the U.S.
True: There's no artificial flavors or fillers.
True: They’re rawhide free.
True: They’ll be gone faster than you can say “woof.”

True Chews Jerky Cuts

Yes, indeed, my dogs went coo-coo for True Chews, which isn’t the case for all treats. The only thing that makes “True Chew” a misnomer is that my dogs don’t really chew them. They sort of inhaled them and came back looking for more. (Recommended serving for a 60 lb. dog is 4 treats, but I never give that many.) Based on customer reviews of this and some other True Chew products, most of their treats (except maybe the Bully Spirals) are a quick snack instead of a long-lasting project. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it reduces the need to supervise extended chewing sessions, allowing you to give a quick treat and get on with your day.

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