Office Fashions for Felines: the Cat Necktie

Lea Jaratz

Cat Necktie
It was “Bring Your Cat to Work Day” yesterday at Embrace’s main office. Even with four lovely visitors, it was pretty clear that Otto (companion to Claims Embracer Megan) was the most professional. I thought I’d seen all the cute there was to see in this world. I hadn’t yet met a cat in a necktie.

Sharon Yoder at The Eiffel Tower Shop knows that appearances are important to the career-focused cat, which must be why she made the Red Sweater Tie Kitty Cat Collar. Only $10, it’s fully adjustable and lightweight. Otto wore it for hours, and I never saw him fuss with it. I couldn’t help but notice how nicely it lays, as there’s a plastic insert to keep it flat. After all, who wants to see a cat in a rumpled tie?

This shop has your cat covered for every fashion occasion. If your cat is feeling a bit more like the spring, business casual type, you might go for the Brown Corduroy Tie. For evening, switch to the Silky Black and Red Polka Dot Bow Tie.

It’s all just too perfect. Yoder also takes custom orders, so don’t hesitate to consult her about a hand-made item to complete your kitty’s wardrobe.

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