Cat Gifts for Every Budget

Holiday & seasonal
catnip sugar cookie toy

It’s coming down to the wire for our holiday shopping, and I generally like to grab a little last-minute something for the special cats in my life. Depending on the situation, it might just be a buck or two, or a little more, depending on who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Take a look at this little list of fun gifts for cats to fit all budgets.

Treats: $1.49

It would be rude to arrive at a cat-friendly household without at least a treat for the kitty. For just around $1.50, you can stick a bow on these Temptations Shrimpy Shrimp treats and you’ll be sure win the favor of the feline. Available at Target or Chewy with free shipping over $49, so it won’t cost you much if you just tack it on with your regular food order.

Catnip Sugar Cookie: $5

These overstuffed organic catnip toys come in a variety of colors and are the perfect stocking stuffer for your cat or the good little kitty on your list. They're adorable, and just the right size for your kitty to sink their claws into and rough house with. The shop even accepts custom orders, so you can coordinate with your favorite team colors, your cat’s collar, or your holiday motif.

Customized Food Dish: $12.50

Food tastes better on a nice plate than it does in a Styrofoam container, right? I’m assuming the same goes for cats preferring a nice ceramic dish to a plastic one. It’s sturdy and won’t get nudged around while they eat, and it’ll keep cold water cool longer. This lovely little dish can be personalized and color-customized, and is even dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. It’s a lovely keepsake sure to be appreciated by cat and owner alike.

Wooden Cat Shelf: $20.70

Your cat would probably appreciate a little boost getting up on top of the fridge or your curio cabinet. These industrial cat steps are sold individually to allow you to customize the configuration and height, enabling your cat to use his climbing and jumping instincts. The shelves and bridges create the ultimate cat altitude course.

Two-tiered Cat Basket: $40+

Go high or go low, this two-tiered basket gives your cat options. Perfect to accommodate both introverted and extroverted cats, it’s snuggly warm and gives cats the texture they love to rub and scratch. It works with a variety of interior styles and gives you a place to store toys, blankets, or even your own stuff.

Cat Solarium: $299

If you’re looking to splurge a little, this cat solarium is the most practical splurge you’ll find. Yes, this catio probably costs more than I spend on anyone else on my list, but it’s a lifelong investment your cats will appreciate forever. It lets your cat experience the great outdoors, getting up close to the birds and the breeze, while keeping them safe in the confines of your home. Truthfully, treating your cat to this will reward you with lots of entertaining cat watching all year long.