Lyger versus the Bissell Lift-Off

Lea Jaratz

While I was chatting with our new friends at Bissell, it came up that I've been using a shop-vac to suck up the Lyger hair that collects on my hardwood floors. (Forget about rugs!) They took pity on me and sent me a Lift-Off MultiCyclonic Pet Vacuum. Talk about a game changer!

The 15" cleaning path and seven surface height settings make cleaning my floors FUN! Yes, Vacuuming is FUN! That's a strong testament coming from someone that's spent 11 years constantly chasing of tumble-Lygers. (Notice in the pic on the left that Lyger is eyeing his nemesis. He hates vacuums!)

The photo below on the left shows the unit in the process of being assembled, which took all of five minutes, but actually helped me to understand more about the unit's features and attachments:

  • The canister is detachable, which is EXCELLENT for carrying up the stairs and getting in those little corners. The canister is small enough to rest on your stair, so you don't have to hoist it up the entire time.
  • There are multiple brushes, including the Pet Hair Eraser and a combo-tool brush, both of which can be used with the telescoping wand. (Telescoping wand may be my favorite feature!)
  • It's got a HEPA filter to catch dander. Whew!
  • It's bagless, which means no buying specifically sized refill bags.

Let's focus on the "pet" specific part of this product, the Pet Eraser. This attachment is part of the extension and has a spinning rubber brush to pick up extra tufts left about. While it didn't do very well on the velour upholstered chair (which might as well be embroidered with dog hair), it did a great job on my sofa upholstery. It sucked the hairs up even though it's a ribbed fabric that is hard to clean.

More importantly, it did a good job on my floors. The height adjustment made it easy to get under sofas, entertainment centers, etc. It glides nicely, and even after being used to a heavy duty suction, this had the suction needed to get the job done.

Lyger's going to have to deal with it--the Lift-Off MultiCyclonic Pet Vacuum is here to stay!

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