Pet Insurance Coverage in Connecticut

Pet insurance from Embrace allows you to personalize a plan to fit your budget and avoid unexpected vet bills. There is no network, so your pet can receive care from any neighborhood vet throughout the Constitution State, from Hartford to Bridgeport, New Haven to Danbury and everywhere in between.

Why We Recommend Pet Insurance if You Live in Connecticut

Pet mishaps are bound to happen, and in Connecticut, trouble can come from extreme winter, wild animals, unexpected accidents, and seasonal allergies. Learn more about pet insurance in Connecticut and browse our coverage FAQs and customer stories. We’ve compiled a list of the most common claims from pet parents in Connecticut:

Extreme Weather in Connecticut

Extreme Weather

It’s no secret that East Coast winters are harsh, and summers can be hot and humid. The extreme weather puts our dogs and cats at risk for seasonal accidents and illnesses. When it's cold, pets are at risk for frostbite and hypothermia, despite their thick coats. And in the summer, the hot and humid weather puts them at risk for overheating and dehydration. Investing in pet insurance now can have you prepared in the future to protect your pet’s health and safety.

Coyotes in Connecticut


Known to live in both urban and rural areas, coyotes can be predatory and territorial. Dogs and cats throughout Connecticut can be vulnerable to coyote attacks, which can result in serious injury. These attacks tend to happen when a pet is let out early in the morning or late in the evening. With pet insurance, owners can get their pet the care they need when an unfortunate incident happens - without worrying about the cost.

Allergies in Connecticut


Did you know the frequent change in Connecticut’s weather can trigger allergies in your pet? Vets may order prescription allergy medication to relieve the symptoms for your pet. Luckily, pet insurance from Embrace covers this treatment so you and your furry friend can continue enjoying the great outdoors together, no matter what the season.

Some Happy Endings from our Connecticut Pets

Pet Insurance Connecticut

Jojo from West Hartford, CT

"Embrace has far exceeded my expectations. The personal concern, care, and timely reimbursement have been extraordinary.

I had only been with Embrace a short time prior to the attack, but I feel taking out coverage with Embrace has been one of the best decisions of my life."

Mary R. | West Hartford, CT

View Jojo's Story

Dog insurance Connecticut

Petunia from Canton, CT

This sweet girl developed a rash from head-to-toe. It ended up being allergies that would require monthly prescriptions and ongoing care.

"We are now in the throws of allergy season in New England and she is still maintaining on the prescriptions for her allergies. I am hoping, for both of us, that we no longer need the Atopica."

Corinne F. | Canton, CT

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What All is Covered by Pet Insurance in Connecticut?

Embrace’s comprehensive pet insurance covers accidents, injuries, illnesses, and a whole lot of ruff stuff. (We even cover exam fees!) Learn more about the details of our coverage.  

  • Accidents

  • Dental Illnesses

  • Cancer

  • Behavioral Therapy

  • Illness

  • Specialty Care

  • Chronic Conditions

  • Breed-Specific & Genetic Conditions

What’s not covered with cat and dog insurance?

While no pet insurance covers pre-existing conditions – Embrace included – we do distinguish between curable and incurable pre-existing conditions and cover curable conditions after your pet is symptom and treatment-free for 12 months when we consider pre-existing condition pet insurance.

We also do not cover cosmetic procedures (declawing, ear cropping, tail docking, etc.), breeding and whelping, DNA testing, or cloning.

For routine and preventative care, we offer a flexible Wellness Rewards plan, which is the perfect complement to your full pet insurance policy.

Learn more about our Connecticut dog insurance and cat insurance plans today.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost in Connecticut?

Personalize a policy for your best bud (and budget) by picking your deductible, your annual maximum, and your reimbursement percentage. The cost of a pet insurance policy in Connecticut varies by breed, Zip Code, and a few additional factors. 

*Below are a few estimates to give you a better idea of what pet insurance might cost in Connecticut. 

Species Breed Age Premium
Dog Mixed Breed 1 $30-$40 per month
Dog Golden Retriever 3 $35-$45 per month
Dog Labrador Retriever 5 $45-$55 per month
Cat Domestic Shorthair 3 $20-$25 per month

How Does Pet Insurance Work in Connecticut?

With Embrace, pet insurance is simple: Visit any vet, submit a claim, and we get to work reimbursing you.  

We make the claims process so easy your pet could practically do it. Get an itemized invoice and the diagnosis from your vet. That's all you need when you submit your claim via your MyEmbrace Customer Account – because who has time to print and fax or snail mail? Voila. You’re done! 

We even offer direct deposit so you can get reimbursed quicker.