Routine Care for a Labrador Retriever

Vet Bill: $364

Gatsby - Labrador Retriever


Every dog needs preventative wellness care, especially an active, outdoorsy dog like Gatsby. In just five months her flea and tick prevention, combined with check-ups, fecal tests and shots ran up $364.40 in charges. Fortunately, because Embrace Wellness Rewards reimburse for flea and tick medications bought in stores or online, Amy was able to stretch her Rewards dollars a little further. The Wellness Rewards Plus plan that Amy chose has reimbursed 100% of her bills and Amy still has $35.60 left to use for refills come summer.

Gatsby's mom, Amy, shares with us:

"Gatsby is an enthusiastic Chocolate Lab who comes from a long line of working dogs. She is our hunting companion who, at just over a year old, flushed and fetched her share of pheasants last fall! Gatsby loves to swim and enjoys riding the waves on the Maine coast. She is now training to compete in hunt retriever trails this summer. The Wellness plan has come in very handy during her puppyhood. The vaccinations and prophylactic medications were reimbursed within a week. We have three dogs and one cat insured with Embrace. We would recommend them to anyone with a pet."

Gatsby’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $364.40
Covered Charges $364.40
Total Embrace Reimbursement $364.40