Soft Palate Resection in Bernese Mountain Dog

Baloo was having breathing problems due to an elongated soft palate.

Vet Bill: $5,444

Baloo - Bernese Mountain Dog


Two year old Baloo's owner, James Z., took him to the vet when he started experiencing extended periods of labored breathing and wheezing. An examination of his larynx indicated he had an elongated soft palate and laryngeal paralysis, genetic conditions, and a soft palate resection was recommended.

James tells us more of Baloo's story:

"This is the second time we've rushed Baloo to the emergency vet with a mystery ailment. Thankfully, this time, we had the peace of mind that Embrace would back us. Baloo was immediately put into an oxygen tank as possible diagnoses were discussed. Several days of turning blue, an endoscopy, soft palate surgery and a halted larynx tie back later, Baloo was released and on his way home.

The vet sent the paperwork to Embrace and all we had to do was watch the updates come through. Within a few weeks, the majority of Baloo's bill was reimbursed. It could not have been easier to work with Embrace - it was no work at all! "

James Z.’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $5,444.13
Covered Charges $5,444.13
Annual Deductible $150.00
Copay $1,058.83
Total Embrace Reimbursement $4,235.30