Rottweiler Suffers Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury

Vet Bill: $5,841

happy rottweiler with owner recovers after cruciate ligament tear

Ava was only six years old when she started to show signs of a back-leg injury. Her mom and dad, Judy and Charles B., took her to the vet who recommended complementary treatments* to begin with, but unfortunately, she needed a big surgery to fix the ruptured ligament. Embrace was there to help with all of the costs. Ava's dad told us her story.

"Ava has had her share of health matters to deal with and Embrace has never had issues with cost and service provided when submitted correctly. We had a very rough year personally, and it was even more difficult to see our little girl not wanting to go to the beach at the Outer Banks last May as she had always loved to do. She didn't even want to spend time on the deck to watch the oceanfront beach view and bark at passerby. Ava even limited her food and water as she realized this would mean going up and down the stairs more often. She wanted to minimize her activity as much as possible -- she is a very intelligent little girl.

When we returned home from vacation, our veterinarian at The Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro tried many avenues, including laser therapy in hopes of avoiding surgery. I was surprised when our vet suggested laser therapy, but Embrace had no problem covering such an expense. It reached a point that Ava was not getting any relief, even with pain medications. She's such a stoic girl but we knew she had to be in pain as she hardly wanted to play or walk around the block."

Ava Needs Surgery to Repair her Torn CCL

"The vet found that her cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) had completely torn in her back left leg. We realized we did not have many other options, so surgery was scheduled in July 2018. July was her seventh birthday as well, surgery was a pretty lousy birthday present. Embrace was right there, and there was no problem with the surgery or the costs involved -- including medications. I am so thankful to say the surgery was very successful and, when we went back to the Outer Banks in late September, she was herself again. She wanted to go down to the beach all the time and bark from the deck. She stayed out with me at night and we both fell asleep on the deck. She had no problem eating and drinking this last time either.

Embrace inquired several times how Ava was doing and asked us to keep them advised of how she was progressing. As far as cost reimbursement, I could not believe the promptness -- especially the large surgery bill. I can't say enough about the satisfaction of our relationship with Embrace. While we would have paid whatever costs were necessary for our little girl to get better, it sure helps when you have an insurance company like Embrace to help you through sad and difficult times. This was a bright and happy time for us during a period that was really very sad. My wife and I really needed this joy.

Thank you to Embrace for being such an excellent partner for us (Ava, Judy, and me) in the caring of a family member. This relationship helps not only Ava, but Judy and me mentally as well. I am not one to give praise often, but when I see a business like Embrace, then praise is highly deserved.

I want to state that the name of your company Embrace is appropriate. Ava and I have felt embraced from the beginning of our relationship with Embrace seven years ago. The emails we receive monthly keeping us advised of health matters and just overall proper care of man's best friend is helpful and appreciated. The assistance we have received from Embrace's customer service individuals has been excellent."

*Complementary treatments were previously called alternative therapies

Ava's Claim Refund

Claim DetailsAmount
Actual Vet Bill$5,841.30
Covered Charges$5,841.30
Annual Deductible$200.00
Total Embrace Reimbursement$4,513.03