Newfoundland Puppy Needs Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Vet Bill: $10,584

Caswell - Newfoundland

When Morgan J. welcomed home her Newfoundland puppy, she knew that pet insurance was a wise investment -- and boy was she thankful for it. Morgan shared Caswell's story with us.

"Pet insurance was one of the very first items I purchased for my new Newfoundland puppy, Caswell. As a new dog mom, I wanted to be prepared in case something happened down the road to be able to provide Caswell with the best possible treatment options. I researched numerous companies but eventually decided on Embrace due to the wellness plan option, and the fact that Embrace does not assume that because your pet is a certain breed that they will have certain genetic or breed-specific conditions. "Down the road' came quicker for Caswell than I thought it would.

She began having skin issues which were determined to be linked to food allergies. Then, when she was almost a year old, her right kneecap began luxating. It was determined by an orthopedic surgeon that both of her kneecaps luxate, but her right one slipped more often. With the continual luxation, our veterinarian was concerned that her CCL (Cranial Cruciate Ligament) would eventually tear... and it did. One day while walking down the hallway, she came up lame and began toe-tapping her right hind leg. Caswell needed to have TPLO surgery and Embrace was with us every step of the way of the genetic condition. I was quickly reimbursed 80% of the staggering cost of Caswell's surgery.

Her surgeon then recommended complementary treatments* for rehabilitation, and physical therapy rather than a lifetime of pain medicine. Caswell currently takes part in gym time with a physical therapist, walks on a water treadmill once a month, and receives laser therapy treatment to help reduce inflammation and potential arthritis. NONE of this would be possible without Embrace. I am so thankful for a company that supports pets and their parents through unexpected medical journeys. Today, Caswell is able to run comfortably and live her best life (especially on snow days) because of the treatment she's had, and is still receiving, and I am able to have the peace of mind that if something else were to happen, Embrace will be there for us."

Caswell has a $500 annual deductible. Her claims took place over three policy terms.

*Complementary treatments were previously called alternative therapies

Caswell’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $10,583.93
Covered Charges $10,551.19
Annual Deductible $1,500.00
Copay $1,496.85
Total Embrace Reimbursement $7,554.34