Intervertebral Disc Disease

Dobie is diagnosed with IVDD, a common condition for small dogs.

Vet Bill: $6,506

Dobie-Mixed Breed


Dobie's rear leg pain began after a trip to the groomer, where he began crying in distress. His veterinarian performed x-rays and a CT scan and found that his case of Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) was a serious breed specific condition. Dobie underwent surgery on his spine a few days later in order to repair the damage to his disc and give him a fair chance at recovery.

Dobie's mom writes:

"Dobie needed back/spinal surgery and you just can't go to the doc down the street for that. We ended up at the Vet Neuro Center......and of course the best and most expensive place in town. Dobie has a puppy mill rescue sister and breaking in a new buddy was just not in our plan so we got Dobie fixed, and they did an excellent job. The "Embracers" checked on us via email regularly (which is right up my busy alley) and did an outstanding job in caring for us and paying our claim. Dobie is out of claim money for the year, but promises to behave until at least next year."

Dobie's Claim Refund

Claim DetailsAmount
Actual Vet Bill$6,505.64
Covered Charges$6,505.64
Annual Deductible$200.00
Total Embrace Reimbursement$5,000.00