Cruciate Ligament Tear in Bernese Mountain Dog

Heidi the Berner's limping is diagnosed as a cruciate ligament tear.

Vet Bill: $5,551

Heidi - Bernese Mountain Dog


When Rebecca came home to find her 8-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog Heidi limping, she knew something was seriously wrong. Thankfully, just weeks before, Rebecca had signed up for Embrace Pet Insurance.

Rebecca shares Heidi’s full story:

"I had been working at a vet clinic for about 6 months when my husband and I decided to get Heidi, a Bernese Mountain Dog. Soon after, an Embrace rep visited our clinic. After learning about their policy, I was convinced I needed to give them a try. I signed Heidi up and made sure that she had her orthopedic exam right away. When Heidi was just 8-months-old, I came home to find her limping. I ran her to the clinic for an exam and x-rays. The doctor called later that evening to confirm Heidi had likely ruptured her cranial cruciate ligament and recommended we see an orthopedic surgeon for the genetic condition.

I was devastated. I knew that specialized surgery would be a huge financial burden for my husband and I, but we wanted to do everything we could for Heidi. Because of Embrace, we were able to take her to surgery early the following week. I was so pleased with Embrace's customer service, and ecstatic when I received the reimbursement check just 2 weeks after Heidi's surgery. Of course, I continued Heidi's coverage and, about a year and a half later, she injured her other knee. Thankfully, her new injury was also covered by Embrace. Heidi is now a happy and healthy 3-year old who LOVES to go on hikes and run around in the snow. That would have never been possible without Embrace."

Heidi’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $5,550.66
Covered Charges $5,550.66
Annual Deductible $600.00
Copay $990.12
Total Embrace Reimbursement $3,960.54

Heidi’s annual deductible is $300. Her claims took place in 2 different policy years