Arthritis Pain Managed with Acupuncture

Sumner's pet parents see an improvement in his mobility thanks to acupuncture.

Vet Bill: $459

Sumner - Mixed Breed Dog


Nine-year-old Sumner has been living with arthritis for over two years. Due to increasing pain, Sumner's vet recommended trying acupuncture to give him some relief.

Sumner's pet parent, Janet, tells us more:

"At 9 years old, Sumner was showing increased stress from arthritis in his hind quarters. Already on an anti-inflammatory medication, Sumner's vet suggested trying acupuncture treatments offered by her colleague, Dr. Jesse Page, at Marbletown Animal Hospital. Sumner has completed 4 sessions. He has experienced improvement in mobility and has renewed interest in playing with his Aussie housemate, Sydney. This complementary treatment*, covered by Embrace, means that Sumner can experience relief without additional medication. It also enabled him to run around in winter snow - 13 inches of it just the other day!"

*Complementary treatments were previously called alternative therapies

Sumner’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $459.10
Covered Charges $459.10
Annual Deductible $109.00
Copay $70.02
Total Embrace Reimbursement $280.08

A portion of Sumner's $200 annual deductible was met on a previous claim.