Embrace’s Core Values

These core values are more than just a page on our website. They're what we use to drive decisions every day.

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We are open and honest.

Open and honest actions and communications come first, and they guide all that we do. We do the right thing for our pet parents, our partners, and our Embracers.

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We are passionate.

We believe humor is essential to success. We don’t talk corporate-speak and we provide surprisingly personal but professional care. We celebrate achievement. We share our daily lives with our pets. We do the happy dance at work and wear our slippers in the office.

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We give back to the pet community and help the environment.

We are passionate about making an impact in the growing world of pets. We are committed to serving both the pet community at large, and our own communities at home. We respect our environment and reduce, reuse, and recycle waste wherever and whenever we can.

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We take personal responsibility.

We take responsibility for our own success at work, our relationships with our pet parents and co-Embracers, and our own learning. Titles and roles do not matter when it comes to getting the job done. We believe we can do it, and we do it today.

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We seek innovation.

We thrive on creativity and ingenuity. We seek the innovations and ideas that can change the pet world. We use technology to further our goals and we are not afraid to take informed, responsible risk. We do more with less without taking shortcuts on quality.

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We believe in customer fixation.

We respect our Embraced pet parents above all else and never forget that they come to us by choice. We always go the extra mile to maintain their loyalty and trust. We listen and respond to our pet parents and seek to WOW them at every turn.

But don’t take our word for it. Our pet parents say it best.