Roxanne Hawn

Roxanne Hawn

A journalist based in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Roxanne writes for both print and online outlets.

Roxanne Hawn began writing about pets and veterinary medicine in 1995, when she worked for the American Animal Hospital Association and later for the American Humane Association. During this period, Roxanne served on the board of directors for the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (a coalition of animal welfare groups). She also volunteered for many years at an animal shelter.

In 2007, Roxanne launched her blog Champion of My Heart, a real-time memoir of life with her rescued Border Collie, Lilly. Together, Roxanne and Lilly have won a DogTime Best Dog Blog Award and the first-ever Humane Society of Boulder Valley Community Engagement Award.

Lilly is famous lately for suffering a severe, rare adverse rabies vaccine reaction in January 2012. Treatment for her brain and spinal inflammation continues. Lilly’s final prognosis is unknown.

Roxanne’s dog writing has appeared in The Bark, Modern Dog, AKC Family Dog, HealthyPet magazine, Fido Friendly, Clean Run (a dog agility magazine) among others as well as several trade magazines in the veterinary and pet industry.

Covering other lifestyles topics for many years, Roxanne has written for The New York Times, The Denver Post, The Los Angeles Times, Reader’s Digest, Natural Home, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles, WebMD, AARP, Parks and Recreation Magazine and many others.