Dr. Patty Khuly, VMD MBA

Dr. Patty Khuly, VMD MBA

Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA is an award-winning veterinarian known for her independent thinking, her spirited pet advocacy, her passion for the veterinary profession, and her famously irreverent pet health writing.

Dr. Khuly has been writing professionally since 2005 when she debuted Dolittler.com, a blog detailing the “real world of veterinary medicine for pet lovers, vet voyeurs and the medically curious.”

Ever since, she’s been contributing regularly to online veterinary publications the likes of PetMD.compet360.com and vetstreet.com. She authors a weekly pet health column for The Miami Herald, a monthly column for Veterinary Practice News, and has been published by USA TodayVeterinary Economics, and The Bark, among other notable print publications. Her work has also been featured in online heavies like The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and Yahoo.com.

Dr. K owns Sunset Animal Clinic, a veterinary practice in Miami, Florida. Dogs and cats are her forte but she’s willing to work on any animal in a pinch. Client education and nutrition are her current passions.

She’s an honors graduate of both Wellesley College and the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. She received her MBA at The Wharton School of Business as part of the prestigious VMD/MBA dual-degree program.

Her writing has won her accolades as one of the "Ten Best Blogs in Pet Health" by Fox News. She’s been voted one of the "25 People to Watch" by Pet Product News, and has won the Veterinary News Network’s “Rising Star Award.”

You might also be interested to learn that Dr. K is a nerdy reader, avid knitter, hot yoga fanatic, music geek, struggling runner, frustrated paddler (finding the time!), and indefatigable foodie. She lives in South Miami with five dogs, one cat, two rescued goats, and a hilarious flock of hens.

You can follow her at DrPattyKhuly.com.