Dr. Jacqueline Brister

Water Bowl Contributing Author

Jacqueline Brister

Dr. Jacqueline Brister is a small animal veterinarian and veterinary medical writer committed to educating and promoting pet health and wellness.

Dr. Jacqueline began writing about pet health in 2010 while working as a veterinary emergency clinician. She treated many emergencies that could have been prevented with pet owner education and developed resources to help owners provide better care to their pets.

Since that time, Dr. Jacqueline has worked at several veterinary clinics across the south and continued writing for both pet owners and clinicians to help them work together to improve the lives of pets across the nation. She started her own writing company, B-Squared Medical Writing, LLC, to tackle the needs of educating and writing for doctors and lay audiences.

As a graduate of the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, she received the ACVIM Award for Compassion in Oncology, which she strives to deserve every day through a compassionate and caring veterinary practice and empowering education through writing.