Unbox the Bed: Orvis Tempur-pedic Deep Dish Bed Review

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profile of dog's hip while lying on side

Since the un-box videos are all the rage, we should have known better, but I wish we could have shown you the reaction when Bruiser got his new bed. His mom, Veterinary Account Embracer Chrissy, said, "It was love at first sight! The second we took Bruiser’s new bed out of the box he was on it!"

Our buddy Bruiser, a 9 year old English Mastiff, is testing the Orvis Tempur-pedic Deep Dish Dog Bed. When we told them we wanted to test it out on a big dog they said the max weight is 120 lbs. Bruiser is a trim 110 lbs., but holy smokes - this is the biggest dog bed I've ever seen!

Bruiser looks like a Chihuahua on this thing. Yes, before you have to ask, we've snuggled up on there with him. (We're only human, after all.)

Now, the deets:

The bed has a very thick structure of memory foam that really does what it says--cushion those achy joints. It feels firm, like a sofa cushion, but really relaxes under the pressure points to keep old hips and shoulders cushioned and off the ground. I sat on it for a second and it left the little memory imprint where I was, but I never felt like I was sinking. The bolster is great, so the pup has something to rest against or put his chin on. It's also nice to see such a good bed in good quality fabrics. Sage is shown here, but there are seven options.

These beds are not a cheap throw-away item. Starting at $295, it's a piece of furniture. But, I'm spending an average of $40 each year on beds to replace old, worn-out, saggy beds throughout the house. This investment will last your dog's lifetime.

The real test:

Bruiser is never more than a few feet away from his Mommy--he follows her around the office constantly. But, since the Orvis bed arrived, we've noticed Bruiser opts to stay put and let his mom get her work done, while he continues to nap. If that's not Bruiser's way of saying he likes his new bed, I don't know what is.