MyEmbrace - Our New Customer Portal

A huge part of our jobs in the Customer Care department is helping people with policy management. And, while we still love talking with real people about really cute pets, we realize that sometimes it’s more convenient to handle things like billing changes and checking on your policy online. Which is why, after a great deal of planning and programming, we’re very pleased to announce...(drum roll.....) the MyEmbrace Portal! (TA-DA!)

Yes, it’s a handy-dandy tool that allows you to do just about anything you can think of related to your policy, anytime, anywhere. The first features are available now and offer you the opportunity to:

  • Update your credit card or bank account info
  • Download copies of your claim forms or policy documents
  • Send messages to a real Embracer
  • Review your plan information and remaining coverage, including the diminishing deductible. (Because who can keep track of all the ways we help you save!)

Policy coverage remaining and healthy pet deductible can be viewed under pet details! Looks like Kayden is well on his way to a $0 deductible!

And, within the next 60 days or so we will have added even more helpful features:

  • Submit claims
  • Update things like your address, additional insured, and contact info
  • Receive email and online notifications
  • Apply for special discounts for things like spaying or neutering your pet
  • Adjust your coverage
  • Add a pet or remove a deceased pet


We hope you’ll take a second to create a log in and test out the cool new pet policy portal.  

While you can't predict when your pet is going to get sick or injured, you can protect yourself from expensive veterinary bills. Embrace Pet Insurance gives you the freedom to do what’s best for your pet without stressing over the cost. Easily personalize your coverage to fit your budget and your pet’s needs, then visit any vet for nose-to-tail coverage. Check out what the Embrace plan covers or compare pet insurance providers to learn more.