Military discount available at Embrace Pet Insurance

Growing up in a naval family, my sister, mom and I didn't see our dad all that much and we didn't have much money - naval pay isn't much to write home about. Times were tight but we were very proud of what our dad was doing for us.

Now we lived in the UK and my dad was a submariner in the Royal Navy but things aren't that different for military families across the United States - family members aren't home very often and every penny counts towards the weekly budget.

So, to thank the sacrifices our military make every day on our behalf, whether it be in the war zone or on the home front, we offer a 5% discount to military families on any Embrace Pet Insurance policy.

To get the discount, just pick up the phone and dial 1 800 511 9172 and we'll be happy to apply it to a new policy or if you already have a policy without the discount.

Thank you.

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