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Winter is Coming: Keeping Your Dog Warm on Walks


Winter Dog Walking

Your dog may have fur, but that doesn’t mean he doesn't get cold. Did you know that, when walking your dog in winter months, it’s important to provide your pet with some extra protection on walks? It’s true. Keep in mind though, the type of warmth you need to provide also depends on size and the thickness of his fur. Of course, a tiny Chihuahua is going to be more susceptible to the cold than a Siberian Husky or St. Bernard whose origins date back to the Alps of Switzerland, but keeping your pet protected is important. Seeing your pup shiver isn’t fun. Here are a few ways to tell if poor your dog is cold and how to keep him warm for winter walks.

Take Cues from Your Pet

There are definitely indicators that your pet is not enjoying the colder climate. You may start to notice that a pet who once loved to walk, when the weather changes, may signal they don’t want to go out. Sitting and digging paws into the ground or floor once you bring out the leash is an obvious clue.

Whining is another sign they might not be ready to face the cold. Or, they may even cower, running away to hide under a piece of furniture from you. Your pet is obviously trying to avoid the outside for some reason. During the winter, colder temps can make the ground, grass, and sidewalks absolutely freezing on their poor paws.

Determine Size First

In order to figure out what size your pet might need for outdoor wear, measure them in inches from the base of their neck, to the base of their tail. In general, an x-small dog is 8 inches, small is 10’-12’, a medium is 14’-16’, large is 18’-20’, and x-large is 22’-24’. There are also sometimes xx-small sizes and even xx-large sizes as well. You can probably even bring your dog to the pet supply store to try on different varieties, or ask the salesperson for help.

Pet Life Ski Parka Dog Coat

Invest In A Pet Coat

Once you are confident you know your dog’s size, you can buy your pet a coat to ward off the chill. These, when purchased from a reputable pet store, like Petco, PetSmart, or Pet Supply Plus, or an online retailer, can provide extra warmth on those chilly walks around the neighborhood.

For example, this Pet Life Ski Parka is a terrific option for arctic temperatures (basically, anything below 30 degrees). It has 3M Thinsulate thermal fabric that will retain body heat, but it’s breathable as well, so your pet doesn’t get overheated. The velcro around the belly area is easy to take on and off, so getting your pet into the coat is a breeze when you are ready to take them outside.

A Pet Sweater or Hoodie is Another Option

If it’s still fairly cold outside, but not exactly freezing, you may want to buy your dog a sweater. These come in so many styles and colors that you can get pretty creative. Aren’t dogs in sweaters just the cutest thing ever?

This sweater by Bond & Co in Fuchsia Faire Isle is adorable for your female dogs to sport around your city, with styles from x-small to x-large. The pink bow just amps up the cuteness factor to a whole other level. Male dogs might want to go with a more manly plaid or solid color sweater. Or you consider a hoodie for a style that’s modern and cool on your pet. This Star Wars-themed Chewbacca hoodie could make your dog the king of the neighborhood.

Booties Might Be The Way To Go

If your pet doesn’t enjoy wearing clothing, you might want to invest in just some booties to protect their paws in extreme weather. These Guardian Gear Fleece Lined Boots are durable and warm to protect their paws in all kinds of weather. On snowy days these “paw-wear” are just the footwear your pooch pal will need to dart around the outdoors. These particular booties come in xxx-small to xx-large for basically any size animal you have, from the smallest pocketbook-sized pals to a dog the size of a horse!

Whatever kind of dog you have, it’s going to be a top priority to keep them comfortable and protected from the winter elements. After all, they love and adore you as your best friend, so making sure they are ready for the cold is a no-brainer.

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