How does a pet insurance company find out about pre-existing conditions?

I had a question the other day as follows:

How does a pet insurance company find out about pre-existing conditions and any other exclusions they may put on there?

Here was my answer:

A good question. Forgive me if I am reading too much into your question, but perhaps you are contemplating some naughtiness in the future in applying for a new policy? 

There are a few ways insurance companies find out about pre-existing conditions.

First, a new applicant should tell them what they are. It’s better to be honest than get caught later. If they find out that the policyholder didn’t tell them everything, the policy becomes void and coverage stops – what will your dog or cat do then? That applies even if any claim put in is not related to the undisclosed pre-existing condition. They might also prosecute the policyholder as a lesson to others.

Second, they’ll ask the policyholder’s vet if he/she has previously treated a condition that pops up later or if this new condition looks like it’s been around for a while.

Third, a bunch of red flags will pop up at the insurance company if the policyholder is seeing a new vet after coverage started or the pet gets a sudden illness right after coverage starts. They’ll want to speak to your the vet about anything new.

There are more things that each individual company does to keep an eye on undisclosed pre-existing conditions, those are just a few.

It’s good to keep in mind that pet lovers contemplating missing out some pre-existing conditions on an insurance policy should think of the consequences of getting caught for the pet even if the pet lover is prepared to take the risk.

So there you have it. Honesty is the best policy. It's so much less stressful in your life.

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