Hop Away from These 6 Easter Pet Dangers

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Easter pet dangers

While kids are searching for baskets of treats and eggs hidden by the Easter bunny, remember to keep your pets safe inside by making sure that these Easter dangers stay out of reach.

1. Chocolate

Eating the ears off the chocolate Easter bunny is a household tradition, but don’t let your dog or cat help. Chocolate is toxic to your pets and could result in an expensive Sunday emergency vet visit. Instead, try this Easter egg toy for your pooch and these Peeps-inspired toys for your kitties.

2. Xylitol

Make sure to hide sugar-free candies sweetened with xylitol up higher than your Easter-basket-hunting pets can reach. Even in small amounts, xylitol is extremely toxic to your furry family.

3. Lilies

Lilies are especially dangerous to cats but should be kept from dogs as well. Lilies in the genera Lilium and Hemerocalis are all toxic. This information should be on the tag of the plant, and when in doubt find a safer option.

4. Plastic grass

The plastic grass used to line Easter baskets and displays is an accident waiting to happen for your pets. It isn’t digestible and can cause very serious tummy troubles. Thankfully, there are paper options that are safer if you must use them.

5. Table scraps

Your Easter meal is likely delicious, and your dogs and cats probably agree – but be sure that your guests know not to feed them any scraps and remember to secure the trash once the feast is over. People food is too rich for your pet’s belly.

6. Candy wrappers

Wrappers pose dangers to both dogs and cats whether there is candy inside or not. Plastic and foil cannot be digested and can cause discomfort if they don’t pass naturally. If there is candy or chocolate inside, then it’s double trouble. It’s best to keep wrapped (and unwrapped) human treats out of reach of your pets.