6 Tips for a Spooky (and Safe) Halloween with Pets

Kara Bednarik

Halloween pet safety

1. Toil and Trouble in the Candy Cauldron

Chocolate and xylitol (a sugar substitute) are toxic to your pets. Keep them out of reach to avoid a late-night call to the vet. Other toxic items that may be found in candy include raisins, coffee, and macadamia nuts.

2. Don’t Tangle your Pets up on Fright Night

Make sure the costumes you choose don’t cause your furry friends stress. Costumes should be the right fit – not too lose or too tight – and shouldn’t weigh your pet down. Many pet owners use their pet’s cone from the vet to transform them into a flower or martini glass. While these costumes are sure to get a laugh, their cone can be associated with a stressful vet visit so make sure they feel comfortable in their costume.

3. Save the Tricks for the Kids

Your pets know who you are, but not when you’re behind a mask. Avoid stressing them out by leaving your face uncovered around them. If you’re using face paint instead of a mask, try to skip the good-byes for the night and slip out the door so they don’t see you. Putting them in a room away from you is also a good way to keep both of you safe.

4. Stranger Danger on your Doorstep

Halloween promises that your doorbell will be ringing. Keep your pets safely away from the door to keep the spook – and chance of escape - to a minimum. It’s a good idea to keep your pets in a separate room with the door closed when you’re going to be opening and closing the front door to your house. You can even try putting the television or radio on to distract them.

5. Keep your Cats Cradled

Bring your outdoor cats inside for a few days around the holiday so they don’t get scared away or lost. The same goes for dogs that are kept outside for long periods of time.

6. Boo-tiful Decorations can Cause Mayhem

Dogs and cats like to chew on anything dangling, so be sure to supervise them if you choose to haunt your house with decorations. Many decorations are made with chemicals that are not friendly to your pet’s tummies. Similarly, the fake cotton spiderweb and any garlands can wreak havoc on intestines.

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